The Nighthaunt have appeared on the scene for the first time, and the Skaven are having a heck of a time getting used to it. The Nighthaunt’s presence is felt over the entire Storm Ground. They’ve been dishing out plague attacks to the weary Skaven reinforcements that keep coming to the scene, and their battlements are punctuated with an array of skeletal warriors and weapons that challenge the Skavendom’s best.

As the battle for the Mortal Realms rages on, the Nighhtfane, the Daemon Princes of the Storm, have emerged from their sanctuaries on the Realm of Night to wage a new war.

With their burning eyes and devastating weapons, the Nighthaunts are the personal army of the Deathlord. These deadly wraiths of destruction take the battle straight to the enemy, rising from the ground to unleash their fury on the enemy lines.

Previously, we looked at the loyal Stormcast Eternal and how best to use this faction in Warhammer Age of Sigmar:. Stormbase. We will now take a look at the Nighthaunt spectral faction and give you some tips and strategies on how to make the most of their strengths. These sinister figures serve the overlord of the dead, the great necromancer Nagash. Condemned to eternal slavery and suffering, they desire only to be freed from death – or the joy of passing it on to others. In Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Storm Ground, the Nighthaunt faction is not easy to control. They are fragile and shiny and are perfect for irritating opponents. The Nighthaunt faction is able to use its numerical superiority to deny the enemy tactical options.

Storm deck: Bases

word-image-1052 One of the problems with Storm Groundis that it doesn’t explain some of its key mechanisms. The most important fact you need to know: You die before the end of the campaign. As usual in a roguelike, you have to fail and try again, using the equipment and skills you’ve collected along the way. When this happens, it is important to remember to choose two units from your list to take before you begin your first bet.Therefore, it is always best to focus on improving two units as you progress.

Key issues

As your units progress, they get slots for skills and equipment. You upgrade your units so they can do more damage or take more hits. But it also means that more ether is needed to summon the units. Due to the time it takes to collect Ether, it can leave your hero and lesser units unprotected. There’s no perfect balance, but it’s good to aim for 4-7 ether points per unit, and 9 for a single extremely powerful unit that you can cast to change the game state.

Endgame defense

Defense in Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Storm Ground is interesting. While the defense point negates the opponent’s damage point, also gives you a cumulative chance to avoiddamage entirely. If you have the ability to get a health or defense buffer, you will almost always want to take equipment or skills that increase your defense. With two or more kernels, there is more than a 25% chance that all damage will be nullified, which cannot be ignored. With these important points in mind, let’s now move on to some of Nighthaunt’s features.


Nighthaunt relies on quantity rather than quality, for the most part. Your main units, the Chainrasps, arrive in a horde, and you can summon two of them. Because of this, they are not very strong, and you will need to use debuffs and wisp support to survive. Your champion – usually Pelligast Immortal Knight or Shrouds – can summon Sages every turn. These are the tokens you can summon, and they also heal all allied units that are on the same field. It is important, as part of your strategy, to place them close to the enemies so that you can move towards them and nullify the damage done to the squad. Similarly, it’s a good idea to hit units from a distance with Chainghast and finish them off with Pellighast, as both have access to abilities that make them stronger in the process. The Nighthaunt may not have the survivability and raw damage of the Stormcast, nor the utility and denial of Maggotkin’s Killzone, but they still have a lot of tricks up their sleeve.

Nighthunt Block Division

Pelligast shabby

Pelligast, as a Shroud Knight, is one of the highest ranking officers in the Nighthawk forces. He can place mudras on squares next to him that act as healing power for other naithants; he can also create summoning nodes. In the game, you have to place festivals in the area and feed them will-o’-the-wisp to summon them, but the real use of festivals is to place them in the front row. Any enemy killed within 2 hexes of the Pyre turns into a Wisp, giving your spectral troops the support they need to stay alive. Pelligast also begins the game with access to Vicious Strike, an ability that deals 2 damage and puts a resource on the opponent, which is ideal for reducing his damage potential if he manages to spend a charge on his next turn. While Peer is a good thing in the beginning of a campaign, using it can be a bit cumbersome when Stormcast starts using faster units. It’s a good idea to switch to a two-handed weapon like the Grey Sword, which gives Pelligast even more damage potential. Given Nighthaunt’s self-healing ability, a skill that gives Pelligast extra armor, +1 max health on kill, +1 health on kill, and a harvest that gives +1 damage on kill can take Pelligast from fearsome to unstoppable. With the right skills, it can even stand on its own.

Hurdles of Chenraspah

word-image-1053 These are your basic ghoul hordes. Unlike other units, you get two for every card you equip in your squad, making them very economical. They are not very good in combat, but their main function is to weaken opponents and slow them down. With the targeted skill Chain Bind, they can remove 2 armor units from an opponent, allowing them to disarm strong opponents. Her basic skills aren’t great, but you’ll quickly find lots of extras for her. It’s best to choose something that gives you Last of Chains, a weak skill that allows you to set enemies back one square. If you can outflank two groups with two Chainrasp Horde units and pull them together, it does more damage than what they can do. Captivity is also a useful skill that allows you to hold back enemies for 2 turns, forcing the unit to take damage when you remove it from the field, which works well with Burden of Chains. As a tank class, it will be easy to improve their defense, but if you find the Strength Multiplier skill that allows you to summon a third squad in a mission, you will become even more formidable. Three hordes of Chain Rasp probably won’t kill anything, but they will do enough damage with counters to kill stronger units, which suits Harvest just fine.

Chain welder

word-image-1054 Chinhaunts are the long-range killers of the Nighthaunt, and should not be confused with their fast friends. They behave very similarly to the Castigators mentioned in our guide to Strormcast Eternals, linked at the beginning of this guide at Storm Ground tips. They can do 2 damage at range (ignoring one point of armor) and 3 damage per round in a given hex. Because the Nighthaunt can charge a cheap Huff, he almost always has a wall to hide behind, and the Chainrasp Horde can easily pin down squads or put them in range of rail or channeled artillery fire. As mentioned earlier, Nighthaunt Harvest’s best skill is that units deal +1 damage on a kill hit. Chainghasts are the best target for this skill, and they can take great advantage of it, even doubling the skill to get 2 damage. If you kill zeppelins or use one of Pelligast’s damage skills at the beginning of a match with a horde, you can quickly turn them into unstoppable monsters that can destroy any unit with a single blow. If your defense and positioning are good and you can lead units within range, you have a guaranteed victory.

Blade Spirit Avenger

word-image-1055 Grimghast Reapers are the main attack units of the Nighthaunt. They wield rusty swords, giving them the Whirling Death ability that strikes in a straight line from 3 squares directly in front of them, perfectly combined with the movement manipulation of the Chanrasp hordes. The advantage of this attack is that the damage is not reduced against units on high ground, making it useful for pushing back entrenched units in battles from a distance. One of the most interesting effects of this unit is Fury, which allows it to strengthen adjacent allies when summoned, inflicting +1 damage per turn. This would work well if you drop the next one after Pelligast or Chasingast, or if you have multiple Bloodgeists in your squad. Although these units hit hard, they are vulnerable, as are all Nighthaunt, so you should keep Pelligast on hand to have a good supply of Wisps. The most obvious skills and equipment are those that increase damage, but defenses will be useful to survive enemy retaliation. A rare skill lets units act when summoned, which can be especially useful if you can summon two Bladegeists side by side. It’s a niche tactic, but it can be great if it works well.

Glaivreit Stalker

word-image-1056 The first of Nighthaunt’s two scouts, Glaivewraith Trackers, is very weak, but you can summon two of them with any card. They are quite technical to use and designed for hit-and-run tactics. With their glaivestrike they can do 2 damage and bleed. This last point makes them perfect to combine with Chainrasp Hordes. Their traps inflict a deadly mark on enemies, dealing +1 damage for each stack. Glaivewraths also inflict Death Marks on the unit they kill if they are also nearby (so there is no need to trick Castigators into destroying them). The final passive skill is Death Point, which allows the Glavewraith’s attacks to ignore armor and inflict +1 point of damage for each stack of Death Marks. Each pair really needs to work in tandem, inflicting as many Marked Death stacks as possible before the second platoon launches a suicide attack to inflict as much bonus damage as possible. Due to the limited nature of the Storm Ground cards, it’s hard to do this without giving your Glaivewraiths extra mobility, health, or protection, so keep these abilities in mind. One of Glaivewraith’s special abilities reduces the time it takes to set traps and makes it much easier to inflict death points; you can flood the battlefield with traps.

Nighthaunt Advanced Devices

These advanced Nighthaunt units will probably not appear in your first campaign, as they are rare rewards for quests and chests. You probably won’t get those until the very end of the campaign, so I’ll limit myself to the main points.

Myrmourn Banshees

The magic-eating scouts, the Banshees of Mirmurn, are an interesting prospect for the Naithant army. They can silence enemy units, which is very useful, but their secret power lies in their death scream, which inflicts adjacent enemy units 2 damage and 1 retreat. There are plenty of ways to use it as a kamikaze, to pit squads against each other and against the landscape – and 2 damage wouldn’t hurt either.

Dreaded Blade Irons

Smaller versions of your Shroud Knight hero, but on horseback. Dreadblades are usually equipped with swords, which means they can use Death Vortex in the same way Bladegirls can. Given their high movement speed, it’s a good idea to give them skills that increase that speed, or if you can find one, a skill that allows you to attack a second time on a successful kill, so you can make your strike cavalry dreams come true.

Night Hunting : Best field strategy

In battle, you must adapt your approach to Pelligast’s equipment. If he has Pyre, you should throw him in front of you and start the conflict around him. If he doesn’t, watch out for wisps and draft chainghasts behind your offensive lines. If you don’t have a lantern, try fighting near a backdrop and use your hordes of chain ranks to absorb damage and lure enemies to each other, the lantern, or the backdrop. If you need to block a strong opponent, use the carrot if you have it on the chain grasp and remove the armor with the chain blast, then attack with the stormtrooper or chainghast fire. Remember that many of your units have the advantage of being called twice in amap. So if all else fails, you can bait with a weak unit while shuffling your attack units, or wait until you have enough air to summon a big beater. With this Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Storm Ground Night Hunting Tips, you should be able to make a decent step forward in your campaigns. Remember to experiment with workloads and skills, and don’t increase ether consumption too much. It’s much more important to position the cheaper units well and use their skills than to increase their cost, especially if you can’t get them into battle fast enough to protect your leader.The Nighthaunt represent the most elite and skilled warriors of the Chaos Legion, the terrifying force which draws the living death from the Realm of Chaos. In the Age of Sigmar, the Nighthaunt are the ultimate weapon of war, capable of overwhelming even the greatest of foes. This is the Storm Ground guide to the Nighthaunt, a unit of elite warriors known both for their skill and their ability to infiltrate and tear apart the enemy.. Read more about warhammer age of sigmar: storm ground factions and let us know what you think.

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