The office 13 safe code is the last password you can use to unlock your blood bank and access all of its contents before it becomes unavailable. Players who have found this are encouraged to post their methods below so that others may learn from them.

“Vampire: The Masquerade – Swansong Guide: How to Find the Office 13 Safe Code” is a walkthrough for Vampire: The Masquerade. This guide will help you find the office safe code in the game. Read more in detail here: vampire: the masquerade – swansong walkthrough.

Emem Louis has transitioned from naïve vampire ambassador to reluctant infiltration expert rather late in Vampire: The Masquerade – Swansong. She has an opportunity to uncover a significant lead at the joint task force’s offices where they are working to eradicate Boston’s vampire population, but it will need some effort and knowing the office 13 secure code.

Even though you are not required to succeed in order to complete the scenario, Emem will get some more experience if you manage to open the safe in office 13. It’s worthwhile to spend a few additional seconds figuring it out. Naturally, this contains minor spoilers for Swansong’s second act.


How to Crack the Safe Code for Office 13

You have free reign of the SAD base after the engineer they were guarding and the three guards in the offices have been eliminated. You may now find out some important information about SAD, their goals, and how they operate.




But you can only unlock a locked safe in office 13 if you find out the code hidden underneath the intelligence director’s desk. Thankfully, it’s close by; you don’t need to have known the secret from earlier scenes to discover it.




The first hint may be heard if you stay in the vents long enough to hear the engineer and her bodyguard talking about a man called Charles Nussbaum. He just lost his job due to “severe professional misbehavior,” according to a note in the director’s office.


After eliminating all four SAD agents, go to office 11 to discover Nussbaum’s desk, which has a box with his home address written on it.


You may use the Psychometry skill on Nussbaum’s desk to witness a flashback of him composing a note and leaving the office to conceal it if you’ve invested two levels in Emem’s Auspex Discipline.




On the engineer’s corpse, there is a third clue, however it doesn’t seem to appear often. Strangely, even though it’s undoubtedly the most helpful suggestion, it could only display if you start the level without having earned enough Auspex ranks to unlock Psychometry.


Whatever the situation, you may be able to examine the engineer’s corpse and discover a secret letter that is signed “CN” and claims that something is concealed above his desk.


Someone read their Evil Overlord’s Handbook since every employee that worked out of this department is listed by name on the plaques next to each office door, and Nussbaum is the only one here with the initials CN.


The sole access panel Emem leaves open after usage is in office 14, which you may use to go back to the vents after you’ve located Nussbaum’s desk in office 11.




To uncover a message from Nussbaum addressed to the engineer you just murdered, search the grate that is approximately above his workstation. It also has the 050211 access code for the director’s safe.




A three-page document with information on the traitor living among the Kindred may be found in the safe along with a Tremere concoction, a consumable that reduces two points of hunger, and other items.

And that’s how you discover the office 13 safe’s code. Keep an eye on our main tips center for the game for additional guidance on Vampire: The Masquerade – Swansong’s riddles and other topics.

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