The game is a combination of the popular card game and collectible card games with martial arts. The goal has players use their knowledge, skills, abilities to fight other live opponents in an arena-like setting. Players can enjoy different types of physical challenges that vary from fighting vampires to using ninja powers against robots. Each round involves battling for various prizes such as Stone Dust cards or tokens which are used to buy goods at the store among other things.

In V Rising, there are a few very uncommon crafting supplies that are a must. One of them is Stone Dust, which needs the Grinder machine and can only be acquired in a certain way.

You’ll learn In V Rising, how Do I Get Stone Dust? via this tutorial, along with all of the necessary crafting instructions.

In V Rising, how Do I Get Stone Dust?

Stone Bricks are created in the Grinder using ordinary stones, and Stone Dust is a byproduct of that process.

Stones are available everywhere around Vardoran by demolishing stone buildings. The following recipe may be used to create the Grinder in the Workshop:

  • 8 Plank.
  • 4 Ingots of copper
  • Whetstone 4 

The Grinder must be loaded with 12 Stone after it is ready in order to produce 1 Stone Brick and 1 Stone Dust. Stone Dust is utilized to create a Whetstone using the Furnace, while Stone Brick may be used to build a fortress.

With the following supplies, the furnace may be constructed at the Forge:

  • 480 Stone.
  • Copper Ore 60

9 Stone Dust and 1 Copper Ingot may be used to create 1 Whetstone after the forge has been established.

Stone Dust Locations


In the Bandit Armory, which is situated in the northwest corner of Farbane Woods, you may also purchase pre-made Stone Dust.

There are also several Whetstones and even Invulnerability Shields there if you look attentively. So while exploring the woods, make sure to stop by this location.

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