In the midst of a heated NFL playoff run, the Green Bay Packers have been trying to find a way to play through quarterback Aaron Rodgers’ lingering knee injury, which has prevented him from starting the last two games and made him a game-time decision for the remainder of the postseason.

They’ve been two of the best quarterbacks in the league since the start of 2017. Now that they’re both about to hit free agency, it seems the sports world has a new diva in its midst. Only this one is QBs and is going to be the topic of much speculation in the coming weeks. Aaron Rodgers and Deshaun Watson are both coming off of seasons where they were both responsible for teams’ winning campaigns.

The Seattle Seahawks and Houston Texans are expected to make the blockbuster trade of the off-season this week. The two teams have been discussing a deal that would send quarterback Deshaun Watson and star wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins to the Seahawks in exchange for star quarterback Aaron Rodgers. The deal would also bring wide receiver Brandin Cooks, cornerback Bradley Roby, and a first round pick to Houston in exchange.

Can Aaron Rodgers and Deshaun Watson get what they want this summer? Although the Green Bay Packers and Houston Texans refused to trade their quarterbacks this season, they could change their minds in the coming months. Finally, it will now be much easier for both teams to make deals with two of the biggest stars in the NFL.

The future of the quarterback position is in play for the Packers and Texans

word-image-1464 word-image-1465 Houston Texans QB Deshaun Watson looks on while Green Bay Packers star Aaron Rodgers looks away. | Stacy Revere/Getty Images Dylan Buell/Getty Images After the Packers drafted his potential replacement last April, Rodgers had the best season of his career. But the three-time NFL MVP apparently has no desire to win the award again as Green Bay’s starting quarterback. His dissatisfaction with the front office reached a breaking point that spring, and the ongoing power struggle between Rogers and the Packers continued to make headlines for months. Despite his first absence of the offseason, the Packers have yet to make a deal with one of the league’s greatest players of all time. In fact, general manager Brian Gutekunst has clearly stated that Green Bay will not trade Rodgers. But the longer the future Hall of Fame candidate is out of contention, the more likely it is that Jordan Love will be the first week starter. The Packers aren’t the only franchise struggling with the quarterback dilemma. Also at stake in Houston is the future of the most important position in the sport. Like Rogers, Watson wants a fresh start. However, his situation seems to be much more complex. While the 25-year-old is facing 22 civil lawsuits for sexual misconduct, NFL teams don’t have a clear picture of Watson’s future. Until his legal issues are resolved, it’s almost impossible to predict what Houston will do with its most talented player.

Swapping Aaron Rodgers and Deshaun Watson will be much easier for both teams

Dead capital for sale after 1.6. Julio Jones 21: $7.75 million ($15.3 million saved) 22: $15.5M Aaron Rodgers 21: $21.1 million ($16 million saved) 22: $17.2M Zach Ertz 21: $4.2 million ($8.5 million saved) 22: $3.5M Deshan Watson 21: $5.4 million ($10.5 million saved) 22: $16.2M Daniel Hunter 21: 5 million (12.1 million saved) 22: $7M – Spotrac (@spotrac) 27. May 2021 Time is of the essence. That couldn’t be more true in the NFL. And when it comes to trading Rogers and Watson, timing makes a big difference for the Packers and Texans. Fortunately for both franchises, time will soon be on their side. Under NFL rules, teams can spread the salary cap over two seasons if a player is drafted after Week 1. June is returned or exchanged. Given that Rodgers and Watson are two of the five highest paid quarterbacks in the league in terms of average annual salary, selling them would be a significant money loss for their respective teams. But as Charles Robinson of Yahoo Sports noted, if the Packers can get Rodgers after Week 1, they could get him. The June trade, splitting his $31.55 million over the next two seasons. In 2021 it will be $14.352 million and in 2022 it will be $17.198 million. Meanwhile, Watson’s replacement will be after the 1st round. June will result in a provision of $5.4 million in 2021 and $16.2 million in 2022. Selling him would make Houston a worse team, sure, but the franchise would have more money to spend next season. Subtract Watson’s $35 million base salary, and you get a net profit of nearly $19 million for the 2022 season.

What does the future hold for the NFL’s two biggest stars?

. Will Rogers and the Packers be able to strike a deal to make their relationship last a little longer? Or does he really want to start over at another NFL team? On the one hand, his desire to leave Green Bay is illogical. He is surrounded by a strong team that includes Davante Adams, Robert Tonian and Aaron Jones. And the Packers have enough talent on defense to have a chance at the Super Bowl. Why not downplay it by signing a new contract and going back to work? But maybe Rogers has really had enough. Considering he’s only held up the Lombardi Trophy once in his career, the Packers’ latest playoff loss (combined with decisions from the front office) may have ended his hopes of winning another title in Green Bay. But that doesn’t mean Gutekunst should trade Rodgers. In the end, the Packers could leave him in place or retire him and get some of his money back. And Watson? It’s hard to know what his NFL future will look like because of his current legal situation. But in the end, it looked like he was playing his last game on the Texas roster. It’s only a matter of time before Houston decides to trade the three-time Pro Bowler to a team willing to give up some draft picks and players. Even if a deal isn’t imminent, don’t be surprised if Watson makes a transfer at some point. In other words: Texans fans are hoping Davis Mills, a third-round pick, will do his job well. COMPARED TO: Dan Snyder may soon hand partial control of the Washington football team to legendary rapper Jay-ZIn case anyone forgot, the 2018 NFL Draft is happening now, and as the league’s 32 teams try to find the best players to fit their rosters, the Green Bay Packers and Houston Texans are two teams that are all-in on rebuilding.. Read more about tua tagovailoa and let us know what you think.

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