The Dolphins have dominated the headlines for all the wrong reasons in recent weeks. The team has been plagued by a rash of blunders, and their latest fiasco was enough to finally push head coach Adam Gase out of town.

The “miami dolphins 2021 roster predictions” is a problem that has been present for a while. The Miami Dolphins’ Constant Blunders are Bringing the Tua Tagovailoa Era to a Swift End.

The Miami Dolphins’ season in 2021 gets off to a bad start. At this point, it’s pretty much self-evident.

They’re 0-5 in the AFC East and have just handed Urban Meyer and the Jacksonville Jaguars their first victory of the season.

What makes things worse in Miami is that the Dolphins went into the summer believing they would be competitive. The majority of their offseason decisions revealed a team that was focused on winning immediately – they even sold their first-round selection to move up a few positions in the draft.

With so much going wrong for the Dolphins so quickly, it’s time to assign blame.

Who is to blame for the failings of the Miami Dolphins?

Miami Dolphins QB Tua Tagovailoa during their Week 6 loss.

Miami Dolphins QB Tua Tagovailoa during their Week 6 loss. Tua Tagovailoa | Getty Images/Alex Pantling

When a club starts a season with a 1-5 record, there is more than one individual to blame. Many systemic failings in the front office and on the field have contributed to the team’s poor start.

Regarding the Dolphins’ particular failings, though, a few people deserve greater responsibility than others.

The team’s front office does not look to be in good shape right away. Since 2016, Chris Grier, the Dolphins’ general manager, has continued to make poor judgments.

Grier was the driving force behind the Dolphins’ tear-down-and-rebuild strategy, which started in 2019. He exchanged draft selections for quality veterans like left tackle Laremy Tunsil. On paper, the Dolphins were in a great position to choose numerous difference makers in the NFL Drafts of 2020 and 2021.

Early returns on these high choices, however, are less than encouraging. Austin Jackson and Noah Igbinoghene, both first-round picks, are fighting to remain on the field. Tua Tagovailoa was chosen over Justin Herbert, which was a mistake. The choice to move up for Jaylen Waddle rather than remain put and presumably pick up DeVonta Smith has been criticized.

The coaching staff’s involvement in the game

Brian Flores and the Miami Dolphins recently fell to a squad that has dropped their previous 20 games.

— Jason Clary (@IamJClary) 17 October 2021

Grier has the brunt of responsibility for the Dolphins’ present woes. His free-agent signings and trades are almost as awful as his drafting. That does not imply, however, that the team’s coaching staff is unaffected by criticism.

Former Bill Belichick assistant Brian Flores is showing symptoms of serious slippage. As a defensive specialist, he enjoyed a good first two years in the league. However, he’s shown he can’t help the team’s youthful offense develop, and his defense is starting to falter.

Urban Meyer got the best of Flores on many occasions during the Dolphins’ Week 6 defeat to Jacksonville.

Flores didn’t need to be outcoached by a winless Meyer at that point in his career.

How does this affect Tua Tagovailoa?

Tua Tagovailoa is 33-47 for 329 yards, two touchdowns, one horrible interception, and 22 yards running after breaking his ribs. Today confirmed what the majority of us already knew. Tua’s problems are minor compared to the Dolphins’.

October 17, 2021 — Will Manso (@WillManso)

Tua Tagovailoa, a second-year quarterback, is at the heart of all the Miami intrigue. Tagovailoa, the No. 5 overall choice in the 2020 NFL Draft, has yet to show any truly outstanding attributes.

To make it even more difficult for the former Alabama quarterback, the Los Angeles Chargers’ Justin Herbert, who was taken straight after Tagovailoa, seems to be a viable MVP contender. Many NFL fans are now claiming that the Dolphins’ failure was due to their failure to pick Herbert in the first place.

With that stated, Tagovailoa isn’t as horrible a quarterback as he’s been painted to be. He has a 7-5 record as a starter in the NFL and has shown to be a reliable passer. Tagovailoa isn’t very good, or even over average, but he’s certainly adequate.

No one can fairly assess Tagovailoa with so much dysfunction behind the scenes owing to Grier and Flores. Stephen Ross, the owner of the Miami Dolphins, is said to be enamored with the thought of dealing for Deshaun Watson, adding to the drama.

The Dolphins are in trouble, and the organization will make changes as quickly as possible. Perhaps the owner will fire everyone else and continue to construct around Tagovailoa. Common sense, on the other hand, says that the “Tua Tagovailoa period” may be coming to an end before it really begins.

Pro Football Reference provided all stats.

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The Miami Dolphins are in the midst of a self-inflicted crisis. The team has lost six straight games and is on pace for its worst season in franchise history. The cause of the problem is clear: the team’s constant blunders are bringing the Tua Tagovailoa era to a swift end. Reference: tua tagovailoa.

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