The team has a lot of options on how to go about dealing with the problem at quarterback. Even though they’re 3-2 with Tony Romo healthy for the first time in his career, the Cowboys are seen as a team in need of a significant upgrade at the position. The idea of the big, tall, and talented Texas A&M quarterback taking over the team is a popular one, but Dallas has not been seen as a team willing to take that risk with a rookie.

The Dallas Cowboys were happy to expand their quarterback depth chart this week, signing former New York Giants passer Josh Johnson. Signing Johnson initially seemed to be a way for the Cowboys to get a look at the former first-round draft pick, but if the team’s handling of rookie quarterback Dak Prescott in the final preseason game was any indication, Jerry Jones is more than willing to throw the young Prescott to the wolves after the season opener—and given his track record in September, Prescott may not be able to survive the initial onslaught.

A season ago, Dak Prescott was considered a bit of a project by the Dallas Cowboys. He went to Mississippi State as a three-star recruit, and was getting acclimated to the college game. Prescott was the No. 135 pick in the 2016 draft, and he wasn’t even expected to be in the conversation for the starting job in Dallas last preseason.. Read more about will dak prescott play in 2021 and let us know what you think.

The Dallas Cowboys are ready to throw star quarterback Dak Prescott into the fire, despite the fact that he is coming off a severe injury and has yet to participate in a preseason game.

Prescott has not played since Week 5 of the 2020 season, when he sustained a catastrophic ankle injury. He missed time in training camp due to a shoulder problem. He’s also just signed a multi-year contract deal. Cowboys executive vice president Stephen Jones, on the other hand, does not seem to believe Prescott needs preseason repetitions before returning to the field.

After recovering from another injury, Dak Prescott is nursing another.

Dak Prescott, the Cowboys’ quarterback, is taking the next step in his recovery from shoulder injury today. In the quarterback camp for the team, I completed every exercise and threw every pass. And it’s all while looking nice. In Episode 2 of “Hard Knocks,” there should be a montage. pic.

August 11, 2021 — Michael Gehlken (@GehlkenNFL)

Prescott entered the offseason with a positive attitude. His rehabilitation from a fractured ankle was progressing well, as he showed excellent mobility and was able to resume throwing on time.

It got even better when he agreed to a four-year, $160 million deal with the Cowboys. Dallas announced their commitment to Prescott as the franchise quarterback, despite the fact that the two sides had been at odds in contract negotiations for some time. Everything was going swimmingly.

However, the two-time Pro Bowler suffered a setback.

For the duration of camp, Prescott has been battling with a shoulder injury. He was barred from throwing by the Cowboys, but he began those exercises at camp on Wednesday.

Dallas is being cautious with its star quarterback, and Prescott has said that he is taking things slowly to ensure that he will be ready to play when the regular season begins.

The regular season is, without a doubt, the most important. Prescott, on the other hand, hasn’t played a snap in almost a year. Is it safe for the Cowboys to allow him on the field without any preseason reps? The answer, according to Stephen Jones, is yes.

Concerns about the quarterback participating in preseason games are “overrated,” according to Stephen Jones.

“I know people worry about that, but I think it’s overrated,” Stephen Jones said of Dak Prescott playing in preseason. Dak Prescott understands how to play football, and whether he plays a series or two in Houston will have no bearing on how he performs versus Tampa Bay.

August 11, 2021 — Todd Archer (@toddarcher)

Jones believes it is unimportant if Dak Prescott plays in the preseason.

Jones told ESPN’s Todd Archer, “I know people are worried about it, but I believe it’s overrated.” “Dak Prescott understands how to play football, and whether he plays a series or two in Houston will have no effect on how he performs versus Tampa Bay.”

The sentiment has some validity. Preseason games are becoming less and less of an integral component of summer preparation. Most players, including and particularly great quarterbacks, sit for the most, if not all, of the preseason.

The difference in this instance is that Prescott has yet to put his surgically repaired ankle to the test in a game setting, much alone assess how his shoulder feels after the early setback. Some may argue that the Cowboys are wise to keep Prescott out of the lineup if they are worried about his fragility. Yet, expecting him to go on the field and play against the reigning world champion Tampa Bay Buccaneers in Week 1 is a big task.

Prescott said on Wednesday that he might still play in the Cowboys’ third and final preseason game, but the team isn’t interested.

Will Prescott be able to continue where he left off?

Dak Prescott works out during Dallas Cowboys training camp

Dak Prescott works out during Dallas Cowboys training camp Will Dak Prescott be able to reclaim his early-2020 form? | Jayne Kamin-Oncea/Getty Images

Before his unfortunate injury, Dak Prescott’s 2020 campaign was off to a great start.

In the first five games, the 28-year-old nearly single-handedly kept the Cowboys in games, completing over 68 percent of his throws and averaged 371.2 yards per game. This is despite the fact that he was out for more than a quarter in Week 5. During that time, Prescott’s 7.72 net yards gained per pass attempt was the greatest in the NFL.

Will the Cowboys get the 2020 Prescott, who was expected to have a breakout season? Will his lack of preseason repetitions and overly cautious attitude catch up to him? Time will tell, but the Cowboys are displaying an unusual level of complacency given the importance of Prescott’s performance.

Pro Football Reference provided the statistics.

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In what can only be described as a strange display of willful ignorance, a large number of NFL fans have reacted to the recent news that Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott will start this Sunday’s game against the New York Giants with a call to boycott the entire Dallas Cowboys organization.. Read more about dak prescott net worth and let us know what you think.

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