The Chicago Bears are in the midst of a rebuild after firing John Fox and hiring Matt Nagy as head coach, who had been an assistant to Riddick. The new head coach is expected to bring a fresh start and some much-needed talent with him which should help jumpstart the team’s fortunes.

The “Chicago Bears Should Strongly Pursue Matt Nagy’s Old Friend Louis Riddick to Rebuild the Struggling Franchise” is a blog post that discusses why the Chicago Bears should strongly pursue their former assistant coach and current ESPN analyst, Louis Riddick. Read more in detail here: matt nagy.

The Chicago Bears Should Strongly Pursue Matt Nagy’s Old Friend Louis Riddick to Rebuild the Struggling Franchise

Don’t put too much stock in the Chicago Bears’ comeback win against the Seattle Seahawks in Week 16. This is still a disorganized organization. Matt Nagy’s days as head coach seem to be numbered, and the team’s general leadership is lacking. It’s possible that a fresh start is in order. Louis Riddick of ESPN is a throwback to Nagy’s background, and he might be the guy to bring over the famous team.

The Bears are in desperate need of a cultural shift.

The Chicago Bears improve to 5-10 in the 2021 NFL season after defeating the Seattle Seahawks. Matt Nagy’s team has little chance of making the playoffs, and it will conclude with its first losing season since 2017.

While several teams have worse records than the Bears, this squad will enter the summer with a lot of unanswered issues.

There have been a few occasions in Chicago’s 2021 campaign that have left me scratching my head.

Nagy and the coaching staff severely mishandled their treatment of Justin Fields, the rookie quarterback. With the No. 11 overall choice in the 2021 NFL Draft, the front office selected the Ohio State product. Despite this, Nagy looked adamant on keeping Andy Dalton as the starter. The Bears had no choice but to throw Fields into the fire when Dalton was injured.

In his debut season in Chicago, the youngster has had a roller-coaster ride. He is, nevertheless, showing signs of progress. Unfortunately, neither has the squad nor the coaching staff as a whole.

Mental blunders and irresponsible mistakes have cost the Bears far too many times in important situations. The recurrence of these activities indicates a far more serious problem in the locker room.

These aren’t your grandfather’s Chicago Bears. Because it lacks a genuine identity, this variant is difficult to recognize. As a consequence, for 2022, ownership must make some significant adjustments.

Louis Riddick might be just what Chicago is looking for in a general manager.

ESPN's Louis Riddick on set before a game; Bears coach Matt Nagy walks on the sideline during a game

ESPN's Louis Riddick on set before a game; Bears coach Matt Nagy walks on the sideline during a game Before the Monday Night Football game, ESPN NFL commentator Louis Riddick looks on | Ric Tapia/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images ; Chicago Bears coach Matt Nagy reacts during a game against the Green Bay Packers | Quinn Harris/Getty Images

The Chicago Bears’ general manager, Ryan Pace, is in his sixth season. Pace’s job should be on the line as well as Matt Nagy’s.

Chairman George McCaskey may consider Pace disposable depending on how the 2021 season ends. Pace has led the Bears to a 47-64 record in his career. In 2019 and 2020, the team had back-to-back 8-8 seasons. Chicago’s last winning season was in 2018, when they went 12-4 and fell in the Wild Card round.

Despite drafting players like Justin Fields, David Montgomery, and Roquan Smith, the general manager has been unable to put together a squad that can compete year after year. That is the aim, yet he has yet to achieve it.

It may be time to bring in some fresh blood. It makes a lot of sense for ESPN NFL analyst Louis Riddick to take over the reins.

Riddick switched to the front office after six seasons in the league. From 2001 through 2004, he served as a scout for Washington. In 2005, the team elevated him to Director of Professional Personnel. Riddick also spent six years with the Philadelphia Eagles, where he held comparable positions.

Matt Nagy and the Monday Night Football commentator have a long history together. For the most of Riddick’s time with the Eagles, the Bears’ head coach was a member of their coaching staff.

Riddick would be open to joining the Bears, according to ESPN’s Waddle & Silvy Podcast.

“Of course, I’d pay attention,” he replied. “Man, it’s the Chicago Bears.” It’s a well-known brand. Yes, of course. And, you know, I’m just going to leave it at that.”

Even so, it’s unlikely that Matt Nagy can be saved.

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This summer, Louis Riddick could be a coveted commodity for clubs wanting to make a change in the front office. The Bears of Chicago should be towards the top of that list.

Riddick is also well-versed in his field. When you listen to him call a game, you’ll gain high-level information that few others in the business can provide. His football expertise is unrivaled, and he exudes enthusiasm for the sport. Riddick deserves a chance after being passed over by the Houston Texans and the Detroit Lions.

It would be good news for Riddick and the Bears if they were to hire him to replace Ryan Pace as general manager. Matt Nagy, on the other hand, is not safe.

Sure, Riddick and Nagy collaborated for years. Nagy’s destiny, though, seemed to be written in stone. It’s simply that the front office hasn’t provided it yet.

The fourth-year head coach expects he will complete the 2021 season with the Chicago Bears, according to ESPN. Nagy’s term is coming to an end, as shown by the fact that this is even a notion.

Regardless of their history, Louis Riddick should see that Matt Nagy isn’t the best guy to lead this squad going forward.

If George McCaskey wants the Bears to be competitive again, he’ll have to take risks. Making the decision to hire a new general manager might be a wise one.

Pro Football Reference provided all stats.

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