A team of players taking on a single player in the vein of “StarCraft.” This is one way that gamers are creating games to make them more engaging. The game has been around for years, but it’s still fun and exciting because new content keeps coming out every month.

“Starship Troopers: Terran Command” is a game that allows players to command the battle on the ground. This guide will show you how to call reinforcements and heal your units.

Terran Command is all on small-squad tactics, as seen in Starship Troopers. Armies and factions with thousands of active fighters won’t concern you too much. To complete the task, you will depend on couples or groups of troops. They could still suffer losses, therefore you might need someone else who specializes in that area. You’ll need to understand how to summon assistance and heal troops in such situation.

How to Call for Support and Repair Units


You must command an outpost/radio tower in Starship Troopers: Terran Command in order to order reinforcements and heal soldiers. The units that are available in the pool are shown when you click on the radio station, along with a green circle designating the dropzone.

The Radio Operator is another another choice that comes far later in the campaign. If you construct a Support Center near to a radio tower, this unit will be unlocked (depending on the mission). With its default feature, “Assign Drop Zone,” you may designate a particular area of the ground to which dropships can transport troops.

Battlefield Materials


So, precisely how does it operate? You should first pay attention to the information on the bottom row of your screen, which is as follows:

  • Healing and Dropships — In each mission, you start out with a set amount of Dropship charges, but when you accomplish certain goals, this number might go up.
    • You may choose the “Request Reinforcements” button, which is represented by a cross, if a unit sustains some damage (i.e., the colored bar to the left of its image is yellow or red).
    • After that, take the unit to a drop zone and let it recover completely.
    • You must expend one Dropship charge each time you heal a unit. This gradually recharges.
  • Unit Recruitment and Supplies — Supplies are shown on the minimap as white boxes. You can get the resources by placing a unit adjacent to them.
    • Supplies are simply utilized as a unit cap to recruit additional troops for your assault force.
    • Clicking the “Disband Unit” button will disband the unit if you have reached your limit and don’t want to wait till a soldier dies. After that, choose a dropzone to take that unit off the field. Your money will be refunded together with the used-up supplies.
  • Wartime Support War Support decides on particular activities, such creating specialized structures and fortifications. Our guide to war support has further information.

Getting more help is a simple but crucial step while facing the Bug threat. You must also be aware of True Line of Sight and True Line of Fire in order to ensure that more of your troops survive; otherwise, you risk having a horde of dead soldiers instead of bugs. Additionally, capturing a few outposts will be beneficial.

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