The Bethesda Game Studios’ upcoming sci-fi MMO title, Starfield, is set to release on November 16th with a variety of game features and gameplay. We are excited for the first hands-on demonstration at E3 2019!

The “starfield gameplay” is a game that was released on November 9, 2018. The game shows how the universe of Starfield will be bustling with life and action. It also includes combat and other features.

In 2023, Bethesda will release Starfield, an open-world sci-fi role-playing game, for PC and Xbox Series X|S. The game gets a thorough gameplay unveiling at the Xbox and Bethesda display during Summer Games Fest 2022 after a year of teasing and slow-drip information. 

The opening mission of the game, which takes place in 2330 on the moon Kreet, is seen in the video. A spacecraft touches down in the dreary, alien environment next to a deserted research facility, and the scene immediately changes to a first-person viewpoint inside the cargo hold. A mech by the name of VASCO emerges and provides a brief description of the surroundings. The player character, who would be a mute protagonist, makes their way there while coming across creatures that would fit in in in a game like Enemy Mine.

You may go back and forth between first-person and third-person viewpoints as you search the surroundings for more details about items. You’ll acquire information on the planet itself, such as how much of the planet or moon you’ve explored so far and how many resources and plant and animal species you still haven’t found.

Your compass displays temperature, gravity, CO2 and oxygen concentrations in addition to direction. You may also harvest minerals from the environment, such as iron, similar to another game Starfield has been quickly likened to since the demo. 

The action then picks up near the research facility as the mech announces that pirates have seized control of the region. After navigating the dimly illuminated complex, the protagonist faces the pirates in a series of firefights both inside and outdoors, using the game’s weapon wheel and weapons such a submachine gun, shotgun, assault rifle, and grenades. A jetpack is available for swift mobility and verticality. 

According to what was shown, there will also be a variety of crates (and likely other secured items) that may be opened using a lockpicking minigame, a common feature in many Bethesda IPs. There will also be factions that you may join, some of which operate against the letter of the law. 


The demo travels to the bustling metropolis of New Atlantis to illustrate the variety of settings featured in Starfield, which, according to Todd Howard, has 100 distinct solar systems with 1,000 planets to explore. Constellation, “the final group of space explorers,” is introduced there, and we learn about one of Starfield’s central plotlines: locating relics across space in order to uncover what “they’re” making.

Later in the film, Howard describes Bethesda’s “most versatile yet” character building tool as being rather comprehensive. It is possible to observe a biometric ID system, which is another term for presets or stored creations, although it may be modified at a genetics facility.

It is possible to change the anticipated characteristics like body type, build, skin tone, haircut, hair color, head shape, eyes, and more. Your character is equipped with three talents from a long list of backgrounds—at least 16, including Robotics, which increases your damage against robots and turrets by 10%, and Gastronomy, which enables you to create unusual foods with unique buffs and effects.

More than a dozen qualities may be selected to provide your character additional passive modifiers in addition to abilities. The benefits of exploring alone include enhanced endurance for introverts. However, while Grav-jumping often, a substance like Serpent’s Embrace grants players “a short boost to health and endurance.” 

Physical, Social, Combat, Science, and Tech are the current divisions of the skill tree system. Abilities are “unlocked when you level up, and then you rank those skills up by utilizing them and completing tasks,” according to Howard. It’s a system that closely resembles the one used in Skyrim. 

Then there is the crafting system, which uses research to create items like weapon modifications (a la Jurassic World Evolution 2). Outpost and shipbuilding systems are built on top of it. Bases may be built using a semi-modular system, produce resources that can be utilized elsewhere, and be manned by a variety of NPCs; its exact function is still a little unclear, although it’s possible that it’s comparable to that of bases in No Man’s Sky.

You may “completely modify the appearance and layout” of any vessel via shipbuilding by adding various cockpits, engines, weapons systems, and other components, each with their unique stats. These may also be staffed by a crew, much like bases. Additionally, there are space conflicts, thus ship construction will be crucial. 

There is still a lot to discover about Starfield, and the showcase has a lot more information. Watch it at the beginning of this post. Follow us for more. 

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