The Los Angeles Rams have had a lot of success since their return to the NFL in 2016. Their 4-1 start is largely due to the play of running back Todd Gurley and wide receiver, Odell Beckham Jr. The team has missed out on a number of key free agents this offseason, but should they re-sign Odell?

The “odell beckham jr net worth” is a question that has been asked many times. It is hard to answer because there are many factors that can affect the amount of money he will make in his next contract.

Should the Los Angeles Rams Re-Sign Odell Beckham Jr.?

When the Los Angeles Rams added oft-maligned wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. halfway through the 2021 season, the team already had one of the league’s most talented rosters. 

How much did it cost? That is a question that only Beckham himself can answer.

The good news is that Beckham, who turned 29 in November, played a key role in the Rams’ Super Bowl victory. Midway through Super Bowl 56, he suffered a non-contact knee injury and had to watch teammate Matthew Stafford lead a game-winning fourth-quarter drive from the sidelines. The veteran receiver is believed to have torn his left ACL for the second time in less than two years.

The Rams were probably aware that they’d have to make a tough choice on Beckham’s future in Los Angeles ahead of time. The three-time Pro Bowler’s recent knee injury, on the other hand, simply adds to the uncertainty about what lies next.

After joining the Rams, Odell Beckham Jr. exceeded all expectations on and off the field.

Because of all the storylines and charges surrounding the brilliant receiver, the history is crucial before delving too far into Beckham’s free agency case. The Browns dismissed the 2014 Offensive Rookie of the Year in November, having had enough of the off-field turmoil surrounding Beckham and his father, as well as unhappiness with a lack of targets. He went unclaimed by any organization, and he became a free agent.

There were two schools of thought concerning Beckham’s NFL potential at the time. Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield, according to the receiver’s defenders, is the problem, and he’d benefit from a new home, whether it was with Bill Belichick’s New England Patriots or Aaron Rodgers’ Green Bay Packers. His critics believed they’d seen enough in recent years to dismiss him and declare his finest days were behind him.

Both of those views might yet come true in retrospect. In eight games and seven starts with the Rams, Beckham caught 27 receptions for 305 yards and five touchdowns; that’s a 58-catch, 648-yard, 11-touchdown pace in a 17-game season, well short of his greatest years with the New York Giants.

The LSU product, on the other hand, excelled in his new home, particularly once the playoffs started. In four playoff games, Beckham had 21 receptions for 288 yards and two scores. Suddenly, there were no more complaints about a lack of targets or his not getting along with his colleagues, whether they were true or not.

One discussion would have been whether Beckham had done enough to merit a large deal, at least prior to his accident. He, on the other hand, repaired his image and, thanks in large part to his performance, shifted the narrative.

Beckham’s knee injury might have a big influence on his next deal.

Not good in #SBLVI – non contact knee injury for Odell Beckham Jr. Significant concern for ACL injury, can see knee buckle during step. Best case hope is meniscus injury/bone bruise but didn’t look good. Fingers crossed for him

— NRL PHYSIO (@nrlphysio) February 14, 2022

Beckham looked to have set himself up for a multi-year deal in the weeks leading up to Super Bowl 56. Even if he didn’t make a fortune before his 30th season, he’d undoubtedly draw suitors and make the Rams want to bring him back for another playoff run.

Everything changed when Beckham tore his left ACL for the second time in 16 months; he previously tore his ACL in October of 2020. Even if he had a miraculous summer comeback, he will almost definitely not be cleared to play in the 2022 preseason. In reality, his position for Opening Day, which is less than seven months away, is quite speculative.

What does this indicate for Beckham’s career prospects? It all depends on how adventurous clubs want to be this summer. A contender might theoretically sign Beckham in the hopes that he would be ready to play in October or November. The club may then gradually build him up in the hopes of having him at full strength, or close to it, when the playoffs begin.

Teams, on the other hand, may wait until this summer or even until the start of next season to sign him. Why would any organization promise a large sum of money to a guy who has had two ACL surgeries?

Should Beckham be re-signed by the Rams?

Los Angeles Rams receiver Odell Beckham Jr. after Super Bowl 56.

Los Angeles Rams receiver Odell Beckham Jr. after Super Bowl 56. Should Odell Beckham Jr. be re-signed by the Los Angeles Rams? | Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

The second his knee collapsed and he fell to the SoFi Stadium field, Beckham’s whole NFL destiny altered. On Sunday night, whatever hopes he had of signing a lucrative deal were presumably dashed.

Having said that, the Rams should not dismiss Beckham just yet. His knee issue, in fact, may make a reunion more tempting. As they did last season, the Rams could conceivably sign Beckham to an incentive-laden deal with many financial benchmarks, including those connected to postseason victories.

The Rams should seriously explore re-signing Beckham if he is prepared to accept such a deal and return to the franchise. If he still wants to accept a big contract, the company should not wait for his stats to come down.

Only time will tell whether Beckham is offered another lucrative deal. He can at least declare himself a champion after all of the commotion in New York and Cleveland. Twitter, you’ve been warned.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is OBJ staying with the Rams?

A: I do not know.

What team is Odell Beckham Jr on 2022?

A: Odell Beckham Jr is a wide receiver for Team USA. In 2022, he will be thirty-four years old and playing on the Los Angeles Rams in 2021.

Who did Odell Beckham play for before the Rams?

A: Odell Beckham Jr. played for the New York Giants and Cleveland Browns before he was traded to the Rams in March of this year.

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