Sea of Thieves has been around for a little over two years, with and still active player base. It is not uncommon to see players spend hours in game just doing quests and exploring the world. With how much time people typically invest into Sea of Thieves, it’s no surprise that some pirates are making thousands of dollars from playing. This article will explore what you can do if you want to make gold in Sea Of Thieves by 2022.,

The “Sea of Thieves – Best Ways to Make Gold in 2021” is a game that has just been released. The game is set on the Sea of Thieves, which allows players to explore and plunder the world around them. With this new release, there are many ways for players to make gold.

The finest methods for earning money in Sea of Thieves in 2022 are a type of art. The expensive ship components and posh costumes for you and your crew are evidence of your success, but to truly show off, you’ll need some gold that you’ve worked hard to obtain. So pay careful attention as we discuss the finest strategies for making money at sea.

Best Ways to Earn Gold in Sea of Thieves in 2022

As the expression goes, “There’s more than one way to keel-haul a sailor,” and the same is true in obtaining money. There are many ways to get wealthy, but we’ll start with a couple that will improve your money supply regardless of the kind of adventures you may be doing.


The five trading organizations that will exchange products for gold and give you the opportunity to serve as their ambassador are The Gold Hoarders, Order of Souls, Merchant’s Alliance, Reaper’s Bones, and Athena’s Fortune. For a number of crucial reasons, you should accept their offers. 

As you recover treasure connected to whatever trade firm you are representing, your emissary grade will rise up to five levels. These are the bonuses:

  • Any products you sell to them in grade 2 come with a 33 percent incentive.
  • It is a 67 percent bonus in grade 3.
  • The bonus is 100% at grade level four.
  • You’ll get a massive 150 percent boost on the value of everything you sell in grade 5.

If you’re aiming to generate gold, you need this multiplier more than anything. Most emissaries reward everyone who completes grade 5 with a unique journey.

For the gold hoarders, this entails a collection of treasure maps that point to islands that are crammed with nothing but priceless Captain’s chests, or a list of locations that are filled with targets for the Order of Souls’ bounty on skeletons. You shouldn’t undervalue the amount of gold you may easily acquire on these journeys.  

It matters when you sail and turn in treasure. Every day, from 6 to 7 p.m. and 2 to 3 a.m. BST, there is a “Gold Rush” hour. Any gold earned during this period has a 1.5x multiplier applied. You may sell stuff for three times as much if you combine it with the emissary bonus.


The Gold and Glory competitions are another option. The event’s start and end timings vary, but all gold and reputation acquired during that time are doubled. Additionally, the Gold Rush and emissary prizes may be paired with this.

For a complete 7.5x multiplier, combine all three. For a meek pirate, it may seem like a lot of math, but we tell you that it will give your gold an incredible boost. To create gold as efficiently as possible, you must keep this in mind.

among friends 

You must choose what to do after scheduling you and your crew of ne’er-do-wells at the perfect gold boosting hour. Depending on the kind of adventure you’re looking for, there are a few options, but two Trading Companies stand out from the crowd.


It’s never a bad idea to represent the Gold Hoarders, although the majority of the expeditions may yield just average amounts of gold.

However, if you can collect three medallions within the vault and use them to solve a riddle, the Vaults of the Ancients may be completed fast, drop a lot of treasure along the way, and feature a unique, high value box. A group of gold hoarders may swiftly fill their hold with treasures while simultaneously obtaining their Grade 5 emissary task in the Devil’s Roar area since the stuff there is more valuable than elsewhere.  

Among the ambassadors, The Reapers Bones are special. They are equal opportunity buyers of commodities but do not provide a Grade 5 mission (more on that in a moment). The Reapers will take any and all treasure, therefore the 150 percent boost will be applied to all of your stuff, not just the items made specifically for the Company. The Reapers will be visible to everyone in the Sea, which is a disadvantage. A risk/reward situation exists. 

Reapers may profit from global events, forts, and valuables in light of this. Things like clouds that indicate Skeleton Fleets or crimson tornadoes that lead you to an Ashen Lord are common manifestations of world events. By overcoming these obstacles, you may find modest riches that are ready for the taking.

The map is filled with ghost strongholds and underwater treasures that may be explored at any moment. If you succeed, a chamber stocked with wealth will be yours to take on waves of the dead with. Strong PVE abilities may enable your squad to clear many each hour, substantially enhancing the crew.  

All things considered, nothing can compare to the sudden wealth that comes from sinking a vessel that is loaded to the brim with goods. Reapers may now see any other emissary on the map as of Grade 5. These teams are most likely attempting to build their own fortunes, it is a sure guarantee. If you and your crew are strong enough, sinking a ship with hours’ worth of wealth on board may be done in a matter of minutes, and all the loot is yours to keep.

Additionally, submerged messengers leave behind the flag that corresponds to their emissary grade. These will be purchased by the Reapers, who will pay more gold for a flag of better quality.

The price of a Grade 5 flag alone might reach 10,500 gold. With the correct combination of luck and talent, you may earn hundreds of thousands of gold by combining all the treasure it took to reach Grade 5 with a 7.5x multiplier for selling during Gold Rush on a gold and glory weekend.


It’s not about the money, it’s about the glory, as Ramsey, the spectral character from Sea of Thieves, likes to remark. He could be correct, but the gold is also rather lovely.

Make wise decisions on which Trading Company to represent and when to sail in order to earn a lot of both. It wouldn’t be a terrible idea to begin with those Red Skull clouds. Check out our other Sea of Thieves tips to discover how to use them and many more items in the game.  

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