His father is a legend in the game of basketball and his mother is one of the most famous celebrity moms around. His grandfather is one of the most famous basketball coaches in the country. The son of legendary player Scottie Pippen and actress Vanessa Williams is an incredible basketball player.

With the NBA Draft just weeks away, Scottie Pippen’s son, Jeffrey, has reportedly become the first player since 2000 to declare for the NBA Draft without being invited. The reason? He wants to be better.

Chicago Bulls legend Scottie Pippen can’t wait to see his talented son follow in his footsteps and play in the NBA, but he’ll have to wait at least another year for that special moment.

Scottie Pippen Jr, son of Pippen and star point guard at Vanderbilt University, has decided to skip the upcoming NBA draft and return to school as a junior. It’s a rare move for college players these days, but Pippen is willing to put his future on the line to improve his draft stock for 2022.

I hope this decision is not a blow to him.

Scottie Pippen Jr. signs up for NBA after outstanding sophomore season

Vanderbilt guard Scottie Pippen Jr. shoots a free throw. Matthew Maxey/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Scotty Pippen is considered one of the greatest basketball players in history, and now he has a mini-model that aims to carry on his legacy.

Pippen’s son, Scottie Jr. just finished his second season at Vanderbilt and has already emerged as one of the most dangerous scorers in the NCAA. The point guard averaged 20.8 points per game last year for the Commodores, which ranks 16th in the country.

In addition to his scoring ability, Pippen also possesses game technical skills, making him an attractive NBA prospect. Last season, he averaged 4.9 assists per game, which was 49th in the country. However, Pippen needs to improve his ball handling and decision-making, as last year he recovered the ball 3.8 times per game.

Regardless, Pippen had the chance to enter the NBA draft this summer after breaking through as a sophomore, which he did. But since then, he seems to have gotten scared.

Pippen makes ambiguous decision against NBA draft

Most basketball players can’t wait to leave the classroom and head to the gym. If there was enough hype around the draft, all the college players would drop out for the NBA after their first year in the NCAA.

Pippen didn’t benefit from the hype after his first season, but he did after his much better second season. The diminutive point guard (6-foot-1, 170 pounds) was selected in the second round of the 2021 draft. A few more inches and a little more volume, and we’d be talking about a mid-first round candidate, how he can fill the scoreboard.

But after going through the selection process, Pippen was clearly not impressed with his potential opponents. On Wednesday night, he announced on Twitter that he would not participate in the selection and would return to school as a junior.

Nashville, I’m back, he wrote.

Is going back to Vanderbilt the right decision?


After a breakthrough season in which Pippen was one of the least protected scorers in the country, his return to school may seem like a mistake. NBA scouts were clearly enamored with the potential he showed in Vandy last year. Why wouldn’t he go for the moose?

But for players like Pippen who don’t get noticed by anyone until the second round of the draft, it’s usually worth going back to school and trying again the next year. Maybe he’ll add another dimension to his offensive game and be able to further boost his PPG. Maybe he will show more leadership and make sure the Commodores make the NCAA tournament. And maybe, just maybe, there will be a late growth spurt this year that will put him over the top in the NBA draft.

Barring an unfortunate injury, a return to Vanderbilt is the best move for Pippen at this point.

COMPARED TO: Scotty Pippen has not and will not speak to Michael Jordan since The Last Dance. He bizarrely claims that the conversation between MJ and Steve Kerr was repeated during the 1997 NBA Finals

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