Soul War is an online game on Roblox that lets players fight as anime-inspired combatants. They are all great characters and can be found in the different tiers of Shikai, which range from 1 to 9. This guide will show you who’s the best at what!

The “soul war shikai tier list” is a guide that will help you decide which Shikai Tier to use in Soul War. The “soul war shikai tier list” includes the best Shikai and the worst Shikai for each tier.



Soul War, a new Roblox game inspired on Bleach, offers a large number of Shikai weapons that can be unlocked after reaching Rank 10. Each weapon has three distinct movements that may be employed in a variety of situations.

A tier list of the greatest Shikai in Roblox Soul War can be seen in the tutorial below. You’ll learn everything about their finest movements and talents, as well as how to make the most of them.

S-Tier Shikai is a Roblox Soul War game.


When it comes to Shikai weaponry in Roblox Soul War, Beast, commonly known as Zabimaru, is an all-rounder. When employing Inner Beast assault, it has a good focused attack called Claw Marks, as well as an AoE. With the power of Primal Instinct, you can even teleport.

In addition, using Inner Beast boosts all of your Shikai abilities, which not only improves your damage but also makes your strikes into guardbreaks, which is crucial.


This Shikai is more difficult than Beast, and it takes more training to master, but once you do, you’re essentially unstoppable.

The primary slashing technique Ashes is serviceable but unremarkable. The greatest benefits of this blade, however, come from the other two movements, Dust and Rotten World. The first enables you to efficiently escape any melee assaults, while the second emits noxious gas across a wide area. Furthermore, your assaults result in negative status effects such as stun and blindness.

Shikai Shikai Shikai Shikai Shikai Shikai Shikai


Justice is another unusual weapon that may heal you and make you indestructible in addition to doing harm. Guilty lets you to fire an energy projectile that does a lot of damage, while Innocent will heal you if you are hit.

Finally, Abstain is Justice’s finest ability, since it renders you immune to damage for a few seconds, which is more than enough time to complete your own combination.

Black Hole is a term used to describe a hole

Although this is a formidable Shikai, it may be difficult to utilize, and many players will find it uncomfortable. Its attacks all have a minor delay, making it difficult to handle.

If you use Supernova, you will have to wait before it explodes, or if you create Spatial Vacuum, then you need to lure enemies into it. But despite its drawbacks, Black Hole is a term used to describe a hole can still be a very effective weapon.


This Shikai, also known as Tobiume, has several fascinating combinations that you should try out.

Poisonous Touch and Spreading Vine, two of its strongest attacks, are based on status effects. The latter inflicts a powerful stun on opponents, rendering them entirely worthless for many seconds. Other natural events, however, are not as thrilling.

Shikai of the B-Tier


String’s primary strike is lackluster, but it has a powerful AoE and pull effect, making it a superb combo starter. This Shikai’s whole power lies in its String Release attack, which unleashes an incredible quantity of strings that strike everything in its path.

Pull String may be used to force an evasive adversary towards you if you wish to capture them.


This Shikai, unlike String, features a powerful primary move called Aerial Lunge, which delivers several cuts to a single adversary.

Unfortunately, Storm’s Eye, its AoE, isn’t as good as the other weapons’. Despite the fact that it causes a lot of damage if it hits, the Eye’s direction cannot be adjusted, and it has no stun effect. That is why it is merely a B-tier product.


The penultimate weapon on our tier list, Distorted World, has just one truly excellent strike. It’s useful for countering your opponent’s actions as well as teleporting behind their back and stuning them.

However, both its evasive maneuver and focused assault are mediocre, and in most situations will not provide the desired effects.

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In Roblox Soul War, they are the greatest Shikai. Check out our dedicated hub page for additional instructions and other Roblox-related resources.

The “soul war wiki” is a website that provides information on the game. The site contains a list of the best Shikai Tier List.

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