The Kansas City Chiefs quarterback is known for having a fiery temper, and in the third quarter of his Monday Night Football game against the New York Jets, he showed no signs of cooling off.

Patrick Mahomes, QB for the Kansas City Chiefs, has been accused of benching his brother and fiancée. Patrick Mahomes responded to these rumors on Twitter by saying “when was patrick mahomes born.”

Patrick Mahomes Lashes out at Rumors He Benched His Brother and Fiancée

Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs had a disappointing season in 2021, losing in the AFC Championship Game to the Cincinnati Bengals. Back-to-back AFC Super Bowl representatives had a peculiar year. The squad began 3-4 before turning things around and won eight straight games to finish 12-5.

Many opinions arose as to why the Chiefs, particularly Mahomes, struggled early in the season. These issues varied from an unexplained injury to a lack of understanding of a 2-deep defense. The most ridiculous hypothesis, though, was that the quarterback was distracted by his fiancée Brittany Matthews and his TikTok star brother, Jackson Mahomes.

Jackson Mahomes and his fiancée Brittany Matthews are a distraction for Patrick Mahomes.

It’s quite doubtful that Jackson Mahomes and Brittany Matthews were to blame for the Chiefs’ early-season problems. However, it is indisputable that the tandem was a nuisance off the field this season.

Matthews began rubbing NFL fans the wrong way with social media remarks in 2020. After multiple Chiefs defeats, Patrick’s fiancée has clashed with fans, yelled out broadcasters, trash-talked NFL players, and slammed referees.

Jackson Mahomes, Patrick’s younger brother, first caught the attention of NFL fans in 2021. The TikTok celebrity, who has 1 million followers on the app, has been a more visible presence at Chiefs games this season. Many people were enraged when Jackson performed his TikTok dances on the sidelines and in premium suites.

When the Chiefs played the Baltimore Ravens, he got into an altercation with a group of supporters. From his luxurious box seats, he sprayed the group with water. After the Chiefs upset the Buffalo Bills in the Divisional Round, Matthews participated in a divisive video in which she screamed and sprayed champagne on Chiefs supporters from her suite.

The worst time for the dynamic combo of Jackson and Brittany occurred before of the Chiefs’ Week 6 trip to Washington.

On the sidelines, Jackson and Brittany made their way into a clearly roped-off area. They then continued to hang out in the area, pose for photos, and shoot TikTok dances. The ropes were erected because the location featured a tribute to the late Sean Taylor. Before his sad death in 2007, the safety spent four seasons with the Washington Redskins.

When it came to Jackson Mahomes and Brittany Matthews, desecrating the Taylor monument was the last straw for most NFL fans. Both parties issued public statements apologizing for the event and claiming it was a mistake.

The Kansas City quarterback retorted to the reports. 

You’re simply making things up these days, aren’t you?

— Patrick Mahomes II (@PatrickMahomes) February 18, 2022

Rich Ohrnberger, a former NFL player and current sports talk radio broadcaster, spread allegations that Patrick Mahomes had had enough of his brother Jackson and fiancée Brittany’s shenanigans.

He shifted his “reporting” focus to Patrick Mahomes after publishing a sensational allegation that Tom Brady’s retirement was, at least in part, owing to “the relationship was souring” between Brady and Tampa Bay Buccaneers head coach Bruce Arians.

Ohrnberger wrote in a now-deleted tweet:

Another point of interest… Patrick Mahomes sat down with his brother and fiancée after the season, according to reports. Finally, he requested that they not attend any games throughout the forthcoming season.

Patrick Mahomes, Jackson Mahomes, and Brittany Matthews are all mentioned in a tweet by Rich Ohrnberger.

Patrick, according to the former linebacker, thought Jackson and Brittany’s antics were hurting his brand.

Several sources, including TMZ, dismissed these stories as false within minutes of the tweet becoming viral. Within a few hours, Patrick responded to the false allegations with a tweet that said, “Ya’ll just be making things up these days,” followed by three laughing emojis. 

Ohrnberger revealed why he was so incorrect about Mahomes.

Patrick Mahomes of the Kansas City Chiefs greets his fiancee Brittany Matthews prior to the game against the Baltimore Ravens at M&T Bank Stadium on September 19, 2021. The QB recently had to respond to a false report he asked his fiancee and his brother, Jackson Mahomes, to stay home from games next season.

Patrick Mahomes of the Kansas City Chiefs greets his fiancee Brittany Matthews prior to the game against the Baltimore Ravens at M&T Bank Stadium on September 19, 2021. The QB recently had to respond to a false report he asked his fiancee and his brother, Jackson Mahomes, to stay home from games next season. Rob Carr/Getty Images | Brittany Matthews and Patrick Mahomes

Rich Ohrnberger joined The Jason Smith Show with Mike Harmon on FOX Sports Radio a few hours after Patrick Mahomes and others disproved the notion of the quarterback barring Jackson and Brittany Matthews from games next season.

It’s fascinating when you’re given information that you absolutely feel is genuine, sounds accurate, and comes from a reliable source. Furthermore, it comes from a source who claims that the report has been thoroughly verified. It’s also beneficial for the air. … I’m not trying to play the victim here; I honestly feel bad for spreading [sic] a story that went viral that wasn’t entirely true or well-vetted. As a broadcaster, it is my job to do so. Not only is the message clear and true, but it is also predicated on some more inquiry and due diligence on my side, which I did not do. 

Why did Rich Ohrnberger publish misleading information about Patrick Mahomes?

Ohrnberger suggests it was his “credible source” who was duped. He insinuates he is simply guilty of not further vetting the information. However, other NFL insiders paint a different picture. Fansided NFL reporter Matthew Verderame tweeted that he was in a similar situation yesterday and found both the information and the source itself were fraudulent after looking into the source further.

“There was an odd occurrence yesterday morning in which this precise information was texted to myself and another high-ranking insider from a person erroneously claiming to be an NFL source,” Verderame wrote.

Ohrnberger’s reputation as an NFL commentator was badly harmed as a result of the whole event. Patrick Mahomes and his family are also affected.

Patrick is distracted enough by Jackson Mahomes and Brittany Matthews, who attract enough unfavorable attention. They don’t need fabrications to be produced about them.

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