If you thought the Bears had a real problem at quarterback heading into the offseason, they’ve probably platooned more on the depth chart this week than they have all season. After the team, on Tuesday, released veteran quarterback, Cam Newton, they signed former Falcons, and future Hall of Famer, Matt Ryan, to a blockbuster deal. The move was not viewed as a surprise, as Bears General Manager Ryan Pace was adamant about seeking his franchise’s next franchise quarterback, but it still marks the first time the team has tried to fill that role.

In 2016, as a rookie, Cam Newton set NFL rookie records for passing yards, rushing yards, and passing touchdowns. In 2017, as a sophomore, he broke those records and then some. However, through his first 5 games as a 2018 starter, he’d thrown 8 interceptions. That caused the team to consider a change at QB.

The Chicago Bears were at the top of the NFC North standings following an opening 11-game winning streak. Then, after an embarrassing loss to the New York Jets on the road, the team imploded on the final week of the regular season. Chicago had gone on four straight wins after losing to the Jets, and the team could have been playing for a first round bye in the playoffs. The Bears were a two touchdown favorite versus a 3-8 Philadelphia Eagles team, and the defense held the Eagles to a field goal in the first half. But, the defense fell apart in the second half. Chicago had no answer for the Eagles, who scored 30 unanswered points, and the Bears lost the game. Oh, and running back Jordan Howard left. Read more about matt nagy and let us know what you think.

For the start of the regular season, Matt Nagy intends to keep Justin Fields on the bench.

To those on the outside looking in, Fields’ choice is perplexing, particularly in light of his outstanding preseason. The Ohio State product seemed to be in control of the Chicago Bears offense. He had no trouble completing long throws down the field, connecting with receivers on short-to-intermediate routes over the middle, and escaping the pocket with his legs when necessary.

Nagy’s rationale for benching Fields up to this point has been that the club told Andy Dalton that he would be the starter when he joined over the summer. Even that argument, though, is starting to ring hollow.

Matt Nagy and Justin Fields should take note of the New England Patriots’ decision to cut Cam Newton.

Matt Nagy can start Justin Fields if Bill Belichick can start Mac Jones.

August 31, 2021 — Dave (@runbackdave)

Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots unexpectedly dismissed Cam Newton before the start of the regular season. Newton was re-signed by the Patriots as their starting quarterback at the outset of the offseason, and he received the majority of the first-team repetitions throughout preseason and training camp.

When Mac Jones was selected by New England in the 2021 NFL Draft, it was obvious that the Patriots would ultimately shift away from Newton. Even yet, the widespread consensus was that the changeover phase would take place later in the regular season.

When Newton decided to re-sign with the Patriots, Belichick basically assured him that he would be the starter in the near term. Does this ring a bell?

Dalton should not be held in high regard by the Chicago Bears.

Matt Nagy and Justin Fields.

Matt Nagy and Justin Fields. Justin Fields pays attention to Bears head coach Matt Nagy | Icon Sportswire/Robin Alam

Dalton isn’t nearly as terrible as some NFL fans would have you believe. Nonetheless, the truth is that he isn’t close to being productive enough to justify having a first-round selection on the bench in Fields.

The San Francisco 49ers, for example, have a seasoned quarterback (Jimmy Garoppolo) who has shown he can lead his team to the Super Bowl. From that standpoint, keeping rookie Trey Lance on the bench for a few games while Garoppolo starts the season makes sense. Dalton isn’t that kind of player for the Bears.

As uncomfortable as Nagy may feel about his quarterback position, New England has shown that sacrificing a veteran to favor one’s future franchise quarterback is not a bad idea. Jones is the Patriots’ future, and they want him out there winning games as quickly as possible; Nagy and the Bears should see Fields in the same way.

For his own sake, Matt Nagy should bench Andy Dalton and start Justin Fields.

Now that Belichick, one of the greatest football minds of all time, has established the precedent that there’s nothing wrong with turning the franchise’s keys over to a rookie quarterback, Nagy must follow suit.

Not only for the Bears’ sake, but for his own. Following last year’s early playoff departure, Nagy’s seat is hot. Fields’ arm may very well be the deciding factor in his job security.

Fields was 30-for-49 for 276 yards, three touchdowns, and zero interceptions in the preseason. The first-round selection also added 96 yards and a score on the ground. Good (but not fantastic) statistics, but more than enough for Nagy to choose him the starter in Week 1. The Bears don’t have to dismiss Dalton outright as the Patriots did with Newton, but they should have no qualms in telling the 33-year-old that he’ll be QB2 for the rest of the season.

That’s on Dalton if he didn’t see it coming after the Bears traded up for Fields during the draft.

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