The Skywalker Saga is a huge hit with Force-sensitive builders, and LEGO Star Wars collectors. The next generation of fans will now have to start hunting down the new sets in this collection – all datacards are included!

The “lego star wars the skywalker saga datacards” is a list of all the locations and cards in LEGO Star Wars The Skywalker Saga.

LEGO Star Wars The Skywalker Saga All Datacards & Locations

In LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga, there are 19 Datacards to locate in a galaxy far, far away. These items may be used in conjunction with studs to buy stud multipliers and other “cheats” such as Retro Mode, Big Head Mode, and Hologram Mode. If you’re playing on PlayStation, Xbox, or Steam, finding all of their places will also get you the “What Have You Done With Those Plans?” trophy or achievement. 

This guide will show you where to discover all 19 Datacards in The Skywalker Saga, organized by planet. Some of these worlds may not be accessible right away, depending on the trilogy you start with. It’s also worth noting that some of these collectibles need particular grades to get.

With those two considerations in mind, it’s advisable going through The Skywalker Saga first, then returning to planet choose in free roam to complete any Datacards you may have missed. 

LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga Datacards and Locations

Cloud City Datacard, Bespin


Stay right and travel around the rear of the structure in front of you from the landing pad. You should be able to chat with an NPC here (which isn’t required for this Datacard but serves as a point of reference). Take a glance down into the bigger area below from the edge of the structure. There are three stairwells: one on the left that leads up, one in the center that leads down, and one on the right that leads up.

Stay to the right of the right stairwell as you descend two stories. Hop on the platform’s edge and stare straight down after dropping down two levels (to Bespin’s third level). You’ll see a grappling point and a doorway. For this Datacrd, jump down and use the scavenger breaker blaster to break down the door at coordinates X: -6.1 Y: 0.4 Z: 21.5.

Datacard Cantonica: Canto Bight


This Datacard may be discovered in Old Town, southwest of the beach where you land, in the southwestern part of the map. It’s close where you battle the Canto Bight Boys for the Kyber Brick on a second-story balcony. 

Take the broader route on the right (eastern side) into Canto Bight as you leave the landing zone. Continue up the stairwell and beneath the bridges. At the top of the steps, take the first right, then immediately left. Continue down this narrower road until you reach the grappling point on the next left-hand building.

You’ll ultimately see the balcony if you follow the grappling points around. Drop down to the coordinates X: -3.1 Y: -12.2 Z: 52.8 to get the Datacard. This is obtained during the Master Codebreaker quest in Episode VII; if you follow the eastern route from the landing area, you will find it along the goal path.

Datacard for the Federal District of Coruscant


Go right (west/southwest on the map) beyond the story level marker for Out for the Count from the landing pad in the Federal District. Ascend the stairwell and turn right at the top. In the distance, you’ll see a big stone between two red doors. You’ll find a black grate on the ground to the left of the door on the right; walk on it to break through it.

You’ll be able to reassemble a ladder after you’ve done so. A gold gate may also be seen on the left. Continue down the route through the gold gate and around the perimeter. Before curving left again, it will bend left and cross two boards. There are two switches on the ground after the second left turn. Place crates on these to deactivate the red forcefield on the left, and then retrieve the Datacard at X: -48.0 Y: -0.3 Z: 51.1. 

Uscru District Datacard, Coruscant


Turn left from the taxi quick travel area (southwest). A hologram of a Duros on a building in front of you and a bigger purple hologram of a Twi’lek behind it will guide you along the route. Turn right at the end of this trail. Following the trail through the building will lead you to a wider area with neon signage. On the left, you’ll see a grey and gold-domed structure. Jump over to it and follow the route around to the rear to find the Datacard at X: -1.2 Y: 0.9 Z: -24.0 coordinates. 

Crait: Datacard for the Crait Outpost


On Crait, this Datacard may be found in the rear left corner of the “hangar” (where you land when arriving on the planet as part of the story in Episode VIII). After you’ve fixed the satellite array during the Crait Danger mission, you’ll need to talk with Poe. Follow the goal markers all the way down from the array to the hangar.

Climb a little ladder, then a longer one, and then a third. The Datacard will be spinning on a ledge in front of you. Run to the platform’s end and leap off with Finn. To claim this one, use the grapple point at coordinates X: -12.1 Y: 5.3 Z: 9.0.

Dragonsnake Bog Datacard, Dagobah


This Datacard can be found to the right of your starting position on Dagobah before starting the Jedi Master Yoda mission in Episode V. Turn right as you face the water and Luke’s downed X-Wing. A twisted tree forms an archway between two dirt slopes.

Look up after passing under the archway/under the tree. On a branch, you’ll see the Datacard spinning up. Grab the handholds on the back of the branch using Luke’s grapple ability (or any other grappling character). Grab the Datacard at coordinates X: -32.9 Y: 1.7 Z: 15.8 by jumping over and up.

Ewok Village Datacard on Endor


Right away from the landing platform, climb the platform to the tree with the Scavenger breaker blaster wall. Continue straight beyond the wall and down the route to the bottom; the trail will ultimately come to a stop and you won’t be able to proceed any farther. Equip a bounty hunter character after you’ve reached the conclusion. Directly in front of you, beyond the end of the trail, shoot the target hidden behind the bushes. This will disclose the Datacard at coordinates X: 4.0 Y: 4.8 Z: 25.1 via a door in the tree behind you.

Exegol: Datacard for the Sith Citadel


Take the elevator straight down from the landing platform. Follow the path to the Citadel’s main plaza at the bottom. On the left, there’s a puzzle with three spinning layers; solve it to make Snoke a playable character. You’ll notice steps going up to two rooms on each side of the space beyond that. Follow the trail to the finish on the right side.

To get the rope, jump over the railing. Climb the rope to the top and leap out onto the pipes. To acquire this Datacard, follow the pipes to the left at coordinates X: 7.9 Y: -3.8 Z: -29.9.

Stalgasin Hive Datacard is a geonosis.


This Datacard is located close north/northwest of Stalgasin Hive’s landing zone. Turn right to proceed up the hill, facing the landing zone, toward the terminals and protocol droid. Turn right at the top to find a triangular entrance and two scavenger net nodes. Climb the cliff with the net. At the top of the cliff, go straight over the rocks in front of you.

On the opposite side, drop down. Drop down down the cliff again after passing the cage with the Kyber Brick inside. It will seem like you are returning to the landing location, however if you stick along the cliff as you descend, there is a tiny passage. Drop down along the cliff’s thin edge once again to find grappling spots heading up the cliff. Climb them to the Datacard at X: -1.2 Y: 21.4 Z: -17.5 coordinates. 

Echo Base Datacard, Hoth


When you begin the Prepare for Ground Assault mission, this Datacard appears right above you in the Echo Base hangar. Look up at the ceiling light fixture. Climb the handholds on the wall on the northeastern side of the hangar, on the wall to the left of the second airspeeder bay on the right, using a grappling character like General Rieekan.

Climb up by grappling the lower handhold, then leap to a platform to grapple out onto a light fixture approaching the Datacard. Jump out to the left from the first light fixture to activate the grapple symbol; then grapple as usual all the way to the Datacard at coordinates X: -0.2 Y: 3.9 Z: -1.2.

Niima Outpost Datacard, Jakku


This Datacard is located in the upper left corner of the map, northwest of the landing pad at Niima Outpost. The ground slopes down into Niima Canyon as you cross the desert from the landing pad. There are wreckage of the Tie Bomber, Tie Fighter, and X-Wing here. A Star Destroyer thruster juts out of the sand near those on the left side. For this Datacard, jump up onto the thruster and down the cavity in the center at coordinates X: 46.3 Y: -46.7 Z: -1.7

Kachirho Datacard, Kashyyk


This Datacard may be found towards the top of the Kachirho region, slightly north of the Droid Attack on the Wookies story level marker. Go to the structure and tree immediately to the northeast of the South Beach landing zone; you’ll find a circular building with a spire to the right of your location, and a dirt and grass walkway heading up to the left.

Follow the trail around to the right after climbing there. When you reach the top of the building, turn left and then right to follow the spiral path up. Continue climbing until you reach a little triangular entryway. Turn left through the triangle entrance, then left again to ascend another dirt trail. At the top, turn left and leap over the gap between the wooden platforms (a huge pipe runs up and down here). The Datacard is located at coordinates X: 24.4 Y: -5.7 Z: 41.4 in a little nook to the left.

Crash Site Datacard, Kef Bir


There are two roads leading north from the loading pad; follow the left path through the rocks all the way to the settlement on the map’s northern edge. When you approach the settlement, turn left at the end of the route. Look behind the thatched cottage right in front of you at coordinates X: -10.9 Y: -1.1 Z 33.8 to find this Datacard. 

Mustafar: Complex Datacard Mining


Go diagonally right (slightly northeast) off the landing pad and into the gold-lit tunnel. Continue straight through three doors, a command center, and finally a fourth door. Once you’re back outdoors, travel up some steps and into a tall tunnel. Take the road to the left, then turn right when you reach the combat droid.

Continue beyond the gold and red explosive barrels on the left. As the walkway bends to the left, take the huge staircase on the left. To get to the rear left edge, start at the top and work your way down. There will be a large pipe near the cliff; look down toward the lava for grappling points on the pipe. Use them to ascend counterclockwise around the pipe until you reach the Datacard, which is about at coordinates X: -0.7 Y: 2.0 Z: 67.2. 

Maz’s Castle Datacard, Takodana


This Datacard may be found southwest of Maz’s Castle’s landing pad. Behind the landing pad, take the walkway to the left of the water. The glimmer of the Datacard in the water may be seen just beyond the fisherman. Climb to the top of the column at the end of the walkway to activate a switch that will lift the Datacard out of the water at coordinates X: -31.0 Y: -0.4 Z: -23.9. 

Mos Espa Datacard, Tatooine


This Datacard may be found in the Mos Espa Slave Quarters, which is located in the northwest corner of the Mos Espa map (barely northwest of the story level marker). It can be found at the beginning of To the Senate! following the Boonta Eve Race narrative level.

There will be a cutscene with a protocol droid racing inside a home with a glowing door on the left side of the region if you enter via Watto’s Shop. Jump over the fence and into the alley behind the house (go inside for a Kyber Block and C3PO). Drop down and turn around on the opposite side. You’ll notice a rusted droid laying on the ground inside a doorway near the cliff on your left (if you’re facing the house you just leaped over). At coordinates X: -14.9 Y: 3.5 Z: 10.0, the Datacard is to the right of the droid.

Judland Wastes Datacard on Tatooine


In the southern part of the middle tier of the Judland Wastes, visit Old Ben Kenobi’s House (the portion in which you spawn when you arrive). Climb the dark- and light-brown LEGO wall behind Kenobi’s residence with a Jedi figure. Climb the three handholds to the summit and turn left. Swing across to the cliff in front of you using the poles on the cliff to your right.

Continue on and swing over three more poles after you’ve swung over. Continue along the cliff to the right after landing, beyond the tiny bridge heading to the left. Climb up the cliff immediately before the bridge and continue it around until you reach a wide gap with Jabba’s Palace in the distance (this may take numerous double-jump attempts). Jump across the chasm and take the Datacard at X: 44.4 Y: 19.6 Z: 7.9 coordinates.

Mos Eisley Datacard, Tatooine


Go east to the northeastern part of Mos Eisley from the spawn spot near the spaceship docking docks. A rectangle structure with red and beige awnings on the second level may be found towards the map’s border, between a Dewback and a moisture vaporator to the southwest and another moisture vaporator to the east.

On the second story of the structure, the Datacard is floating under the awnings. This region has a number of stacked containers. To access the Datacard at coordinates X: 33.0 Y: 0.9 Z: 19.4, use a Jedi to stack them.  

Datacard for Yavin 4: Great Temple


On Yavin 4, this Datacard may be found in the heart of the Great Temple. You can see it spinning on the crossbeam slightly above the main area if you look straight ahead from where you spawn at the landing pad. Simply walk to the rear of the crossbeam and climb up using the grappling points at coordinates X: 0.0 Y: 3.1 Z: 0.6.

These are all of the Datacards in LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga, as well as their locations. Check find our instructions on how to obtain the Scavenger tools, which you’ll need for a lot of them. We’ve also laid out all of your character’s talents to help you figure out which ones to improve first. Visit our Skywalker Saga site for additional information.

The “skywalker saga data cards codes” is a guide that includes all the LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga All Datacards & Locations. This guide also includes links to purchase the game, as well as its DLC.

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