John Daly, the famed professional golfer is a role model for children across America. In his autobiography “My Life and The Game,” he shares how golf helped him overcome childhood poverty by becoming an expert in math and science, which led to success on the course. Nowadays, he helps kids around Chicago with their golf game during summer camps through John Daly’s Foundation For Kids Incorporated

John Daly is one of the most successful golfers in history. He has won over 100 career PGA Tour events, including 3 major championships and 5 World Golf Championships. Daly is also known for his outspoken personality and willingness to share his role-model status with others.

John Daly Isn't Shy About Sharing His Role-Model Status

During a contentious Nike ad in 1993, basketball player Charles Barkley stated he wasn’t a role model. Golfer John Daly was asked whether he was a role model this week as he prepared for the Hoag Classic in Newport Beach, California.

“I am not a role model,” Barkley famously said. Daly wasn’t quite as honest. Instead, the pro golfer responded to the question with a sense of humour.

John Daly is fighting bladder cancer as well as a dislocated shoulder.


john-daly-golf-1024x683 On February 25, 2022, in Tucson, Arizona, John Daly prepares to tee off on the 10th hole during the opening round of the Cologuard Classic at Omni Tucson National. | Getty Images/Chris Coduto .

Daly disclosed in September 2020 that he had been diagnosed with bladder cancer. He was suffering from kidney stones and went to the doctor to get them removed. When the doctor returned with the news, he was taken aback.

“It doesn’t seem like there are any stones in there,” the urologist stated. But, regrettably, you have bladder cancer,” Daly said at the time to The Golf Channel. “I was about to drink my Diet Coke after the CT (scan) when he said, ‘Don’t drink anything.’ We need to get you back in here and get rid of this cancer.’

According to Yahoo Sports, he has had to contend with a shoulder that is permanently separated while undergoing therapy.

“It’s split apart.” That’s how I get a great cut out there: I simply play with it separately. I simply don’t seem to be able to find it anymore.” Daly remarked. “Every now and then it will pop back into place, and I’ll have to pop it out.”

John Daly discusses his reputation as a role model.

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Daly has always been a man who tells it like it is. So his response to the issue of whether he was a role model came as no surprise.

“Well, if you look at me as a role model and try to be the polar opposite of John Daly, you’ll do really well in life.” “That’s the only way I can respond,” he said.

Daly hasn’t always been in the best of health. His frequent smoking, as well as his fondness for fast food and diet Coke, contributed to much of this.

In a 2016 interview with Graham Bensinger, Daly revealed, “I used to drink anything from 12-20 Diet Cokes a day.” “Three or four times a day, I went to McDonald’s.” They always had the nicest fountain drinks in my opinion. I despise water and can’t tolerate drinking it. Back then, I could easily have two Big Macs, two or three cheeseburgers, a chocolate shake, and a standard Coke in one sitting.”

Daly keeps going, but he never knows how he’ll feel on any given day.

Daly continues to like golf and plays whenever he can. He never knows how he’ll feel when he wakes up because of his persisting health difficulties.

According to Yahoo Sports, Daly added, “Other days are good, some days are horrible.” “Some days I’m Superman, and other days I’m Jimmy Hoffa six feet under.”

Daly used to be renowned as a longball hitter, but there are now a plethora of players capable of launching the ball into the stratosphere. He claims that the short game is the way to win, and that with his shoulder the way it is today, it works to his favor.

“You heard about long drivers competing in long drive competitions when I was growing up,” he remarked. “You had men that could smash it 420, 450, nearly 500 yards because it was sponsored by Remax.” It was only myself, Freddie Couples, and Davis Love when I came out. Except for us three, no one had ever heard of males banging it so hard.

“The short game and the middle irons were always the focus of the game of golf.” Hopefully, when I came out, I modified it a little. But the main truth is that it doesn’t matter because the guys are scoring because of their chipping and putting and all that, but there are probably 50 people on the PGA Tour who can hit it over 350 yards currently.”

His personality hasn’t changed, even though his golf game and some of his bad habits have. This is a good thing.

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John Daly is not shy about sharing his role-model status. He has won the PGA Championship and the British Open, among other titles. Reference: john daly stats.

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