It seems that Jim McMahon is still in the NFL to this day. And after he recently made some comments about the Bears and the Packers, it seems that some Bears fans might be cringing from their seats.

Packers quarterback Brett Favre hasn’t held the starting job since 1999. In that time, he’s been both an elite quarterback and widely considered one of the greatest football players of all time. Favre has been known to have strong opinions on a variety of subjects, and he was also a guest on Zach Kruse’s podcast last week . During the interview, Favre was asked about whether or not he thinks the Packers will make the playoffs this season. He responded by saying, “They’re going to be there, but I don’t know if they’re going (to make it) the first time this year.”

Jim McMahon, a Hall of Fame football player, is back in the news in a way that he probably never intended.

Jim McMahon has always been an honest man. Maybe too direct. His comments in April probably won’t resonate with Chicago Bears fans, but certainly will with Green Bay Packers fans.

Jim McMahon is a Chicago Bears icon

word-image-1642 word-image-1643 Jim McMahon of the Chicago Bears during a game against the Miami Dolphins in an NFL football game on the 4th. September 1988 at Soldier Field in Chicago, Illinois. McMahon played for the Bears from 1982 to 1988. (Photo by Focus on Sport/Getty Images) Although the 1985 Bears team that won the Super Bowl was mostly known for its defense, the offense was no exception. Led by McMahon, the Bears were averaging 28.7 points per game. He and the Bears had one of the best seasons in NFL history. The 1985 Bears are one of the best NFL teams of all time. They were 15-1 in the regular season, losing to the Miami Dolphins in a game in which McMahon did not start. McMahon blossomed in 1985, going 11-0 as a starter and making his only Pro Bowl appearance. He had one losing season in his career in Chicago. This happened in his first year, when he played 3 or 4 games as a starter. Statistically, McMahon is not one of the best quarterbacks in the game, but he did secure the Bears’ victory at this position. With McMahon gone, Chicago struggled at quarterback. Jay Cutler was the only quarterback to provide stability for the Bears, playing eight years for the team. During that time, he had just two winning seasons.

Jim McMahon doesn’t seem too happy with the Chicago Bears’ play

. After playing college football at BYU, the Chicago Bears selected McMahon fifth overall in the 1982 NFL Draft. He spent seven seasons with the Bears, with a 46-15 record as a starter. During an interview at the Fat Mike Chicago Sports Showin April , McMahon was asked about the Bears’ plans for the upcoming draft. He was candid about his feelings for his former team. I’ll be quick, he said. I don’t even look at them. It’s the same for me. I don’t know what they want or who they plan to sign. After the 1988 season, McMahon was traded to the San Diego Chargers. He said he was glad to be out of Chicago. In the summer of 1985, I was asked to write a book, he said. I didn’t like the owner, and I think that was the main reason (for the exchange). I think they wanted to trade me in ’86, ’87 and ’88, but I don’t think (head coach Mike) Ditka felt he had someone to start a war with. After the Super Bowl, I stayed for three more years. I didn’t have a high opinion of the owner and he didn’t have a high opinion of me. I was happy to leave, besides Ditka and I did not get along. It got really ugly towards the end. It was time to leave. McMahon said he loved the city and would always come back in the offseason. He just wasn’t a big fan of the organization. He made that clear later in the interview when he talked about their quarterback situation. That’s where quarterbacks go to die, he said.

McMahon said the best organization he ever played for was the Green Bay Packers

. After seven years with the Bears, McMahon went from one place to another. He spent one year with the Chargers before playing for the Philadelphia Eagles, Minnesota Vikings, Arizona Cardinals and Green Bay Packers. He was also a member of the Cleveland Browns, but never played in a game. Despite the success he had in Chicago, McMahon said the best franchise he played for was the Bears’ biggest rival, the Packers. We had a great time, he said of his time in Green Bay. There are a lot of good people there, a good atmosphere. This is the best organization I’ve played for, out of the seven teams I’ve had the opportunity to play for, by far. Great people from top to bottom. From the providers to those who are now in charge. Everyone is treated equally. They are treated very well there. COMPARED TO: Jim McMahon delivered the blow that led to the amnesia, and it may be the nastiest match in the history of.

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