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The you are really hitting your stride meaning is an idiom that means you are doing well and getting better.

Michael Jordan was frequently likened to a celebrity of the day before becoming the model for two generations of “future Michael Jordans.” Jordan was dubbed “the future Dr. J,” which made sense considering his high-flying aerial performance as a young athlete. Some of his maneuvers were reminiscent of Julius Erving’s ABA days, as seen in rare, grainy films.

Prime MJ vs. prime Doc wasn’t going to happen due to the whims of the space-time continuum. Instead, their careers crossed paths when Erving was 34 through 36 years old and Jordan was 21 through 23 years old. Nonetheless, in eight encounters between 1984 and 1987, the artist who would become known as His Airness gave a glimpse of what was to come. In their head-to-head confrontations, he averaged 27.9 points, 5.3 assists, and 2.9 steals.

In his early NBA years, Michael Jordan didn’t have a strong supporting cast.

When Michael Jordan came in 1984, the Chicago Bulls were far from a dynasty. In the 1970s, they put together a competent but flawed team that was overshadowed by the New York Knicks, Milwaukee Bucks, Los Angeles Lakers, and Boston Celtics. After that period ended, the club struggled, making just two playoff appearances in the nine seasons before to Jordan’s arrival.

Despite a 38–44 record, the 1984–85 Bulls were a fragmented group that reached the playoffs. Of course, the NBA played 82 regular-season games in those days to remove seven teams, so there were plenty of openings in the playoffs.

The Philadelphia 76ers, led by Julius Erving, were on the decline. The Sixers were NBA champions in 1983, but they lost in the first round in 1984 before reaching the conference finals in 1985. After then, their playoff visits became shorter with each passing season. Dr. J, on the other hand, was still a valuable player, but he was far from his MVP form.

Erving averaged 20.4 points and 4.6 rebounds per game in their eight encounters. Six of the eight games, however, were won by Philadelphia.

The veteran recognized a young man on the verge of greatness.

Jordan’s popularity was rising at the time, and Julius Erving was there to see it.

The 76ers and Bulls clashed four times in 1984-85. The Philadelphia 76ers, led by Julius Erving, won all four games. Michael Jordan, on the other hand, put on a show in his last two games against the Sixers that season. On February 1, 1985, MJ scored 31 points in a 121–110 defeat against Philadelphia. Jordan scored 40 points on 13-of-21 shooting in a late-season matchup with the Philadelphia 76ers on April 5, 1985. The 76ers’ balance, though, prevailed in a 116–113 win.

Erving remembered Jordan working hard despite having a mismatched cast surrounding him during a recent interview on the Knuckleheads podcast with Quentin Richardson and Darius Miles:

“There were three years when MJ and I were playing against each other. I grabbed him just as he was getting into his stride. He was scoring a lot of points, but he was having trouble figuring out who he was. Make sure you have the appropriate mix of colleagues. During that period, a lot of things were going on.”

Jordan’s raw talent was pitted against Erving’s remaining athleticism and seasoned wisdom. Doc had a clear view of the approaching train. He left the NBA before the MJ Express took over.

Michael Jordan made a snide remark about Julius Erving.

The NBA careers of Julius Erving and Michael Jordan overlapped by three seasons in the mid-1980s

The NBA careers of Julius Erving and Michael Jordan overlapped by three seasons in the mid-1980s In the mid-1980s, the NBA careers of Julius Erving (L) and Michael Jordan spanned three seasons. | Jeff Gentner/Getty Images

When Julius Erving and Michael Jordan went head-to-head, they recalled exchanging dunks. There was also some yapping going on since it was Jordan.

“I remember one time he came down and dunked on our whole team… and then I went down and dunked on his squad,” Erving recalled. “So I’m staring at him, and he’s staring back. And he said, ‘You know, I can do it again.’ ‘All right, well, I only have one shot at it, and I made it!’ I thought.

“However, it was entertaining. During the years we worked together, I always loved him and thought he had a great deal of respect and regard for me. He was supposed to be the torchbearer, and he was quite excited about it. He performed an outstanding job.”

Jordan was a more than successful version 2.0 of Erving, if Erving was the prototype. In addition to his six titles, MJ won five MVP honors. Erving won four MVP awards (three in the ABA) and three rings throughout his career (two in the rival circuit).

But it’s nice to recall that before everyone wanted to be like Mike, Michael Jordan was simply another in a long line of “next Dr. J” players. Jordan, unlike the majority of those players, lived up to Julius Erving’s expectations. Then there’s more.

Basketball Reference and Stathead provided the statistics.

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The hit one’s stride is a phrase that means to catch up to someone. In sports, this can be seen in a runner who has been lagging behind and suddenly starts to gain ground.

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Stride is the distance between one foot to the next.

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