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For the New York Jets football club, things aren’t getting any easier. After Adam Gase and Sam Darnold finally left town, Zach Wilson and new head coach Robert Saleh brought a ray of California sunshine to this sad club.

Unfortunately, the Jets’ first half of the season has not gone well. Wilson has been injured and has struggled on the field. Saleh’s team is 2-7 and has surrendered 45 points or more in three of their last four games.

For the time being, Saleh is doing all he can, but following another Jets defeat, former head coach Rex Ryan made some pointed remarks, prompting an epic reaction from Saleh himself.

Rex Ryan was prompted by the Jets’ poor performance to level some harsh criticism at Robert Saleh.

On ESPN’s DiPietro and Rothenberg Podcast, Ryan ripped Saleh for being an apparent “defensive expert” after the Jets were humiliated 45-17 by the Buffalo Bills on Sunday.

“He was intended to be a defensive mastermind… I heard everything, and I’m taking this one personally. Everything I’d heard was that this person was a lot like myself, but without the negative aspects. Yeah, you’ll need some of the terrible since this squad doesn’t play with any kind of heart. That is the aspect that I find unsatisfactory. Never compare this person, this Robert Saleh, to myself.”

Rex Ryan compares Robert Saleh to

The analogies irritated Ryan, particularly after the Jets’ defense was beaten up for the fourth game in a row.

The defense ranks bottom in the NFL in terms of points allowed (32.9) and interceptions (second-to-last) (2). Although Saleh’s coaching has been a heated subject recently, this can’t be totally placed on him.

The roster is thin, with a lot of young players still trying to make it in the NFL. In any case, Ryan is enraged by the remarks.

Ryan’s critique is met with an enormous clapback from Robert Saleh.

Rex Ryan and Jets HC Robert Saleh.

Rex Ryan and Jets HC Robert Saleh. Rex Ryan and the New York Jets’ head coach Frederick M. Brown/Matthew Stockman/Getty Images | Robert Saleh

Ryan’s words must have irritated the first-year head coach. Things in New York may be better, and they will be after some time.

Despite Ryan’s dissatisfaction with the Jets’ recent performance, Saleh’s outstanding background with the San Francisco 49ers should offer this squad some optimism.

Saleh, on the other hand, had a harsh retort to Ryan’s remarks (h/t Scott Thompson of SNY).

“Obviously, if it’s that personal to him, he’ll track me down… I’m not surprised in the least. He’s never short of anything to say.”

Rex Ryan’s reaction to Robert Saleh

Saleh is correct. Ryan has always had an opinion on everything, particularly the Jets. The current Jets head coach has every right to be angry about the situation, but his tenure is much different than Ryan’s.

Ryan was successful in his first season with the Jets, but the team’s personnel was much superior.

With the Jets, Rex Ryan was able to win a lot of games early on because to Eric Mangini’s roster. Let’s not forget that he’s taking unwarranted digs at Robert Saleh, a rookie coach just getting his bearings. Saleh played nine games with a group that was nothing like the one Ryan inherited. #jets

November 15, 2021 — Zach Braziller (@NYPost Brazille)

Patience is something that has to be stressed across the Jets organization. With Saleh at the helm, wonderful things are on the way, no matter how difficult it is to maintain the course.

The Jets have a squad loaded with youthful talent on the verge of breaking through.

#NFL rookies have played the most snaps this season:

New York Jets (1st): 2,393 2 Pittsburgh: 2,119 3 Detroit: 2,011 4 Miami: 1,916 5 Jacksonville: 1,861 pic.twit

November 10, 2021 — PFF College Football (@PFF College)

Yes, Saleh had no idea what he was getting himself into when he accepted the position. However, these things take time, particularly given the major blunder Gase made while wearing the headset with his squad.

Wilson needs more time to mature, but he has a lot of potential. Michael Carter has been on a tear recently and is now the Jets’ starting running back. Saleh has reliable pass-catching options in Corey Davis and Elijah Moore.

On defense, Quinnen Williams, Marcus Maye, and C.J. Mosley lead the way, despite Maye’s horrific injury. In the 2022 NFL Draft, the Jets will add a top-five choice, most likely a defensive player, to this bunch. Take the 2-7 record with a grain of salt since these young players in New York receive the most playing time in the NFL.

Good things need time to grow, particularly when you’ve struck rock bottom, and everyone should give Saleh a chance.

Pro Football Reference provided the statistics.

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“Former Jets coach” is a book by Michael Holley about the life of former Jets coach Rex Ryan. The book was released on September 12, 2018 and it is available for purchase on Amazon. Reference: former jets coach.

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