A lot of video games can be considered as a form of cinema, so it’s not surprising to see that one game is often compared to another. Over the last few years, Evil Dead: The Game has been likened quite a bit to its direct predecessor in the horror genre — Friday The 13th: Part 2 -The New Blood-. This article will explore how both films compare and provide some insight on why this comparison exists

The “evil dead the game best characters” is a horror video game. The game has been praised for its demon characters and creepy atmosphere.



There are nine demon characters in Evil Dead: The Game, separated into three class archetypes: Warlord, Puppeteer, and Necromancer. At Level 3, Level 5, and Level 10, you’ll be able to unlock each. However, not all of them are worthy of your time.

Only the finest demon characters from Evil Dead: The Game will be included in this guide. You’ll learn why these demons are so powerful, as well as their strongest and weakest abilities.

Evil Dead: The Game’s Best Demon Characters

Evil Ash

The Necromancer team’s leader is a serious threat to any survivor. Evil Ash’s greatest advantage is his ability to avoid melee assaults while also being immune to knockbacks, making him exceedingly tough to defeat.

This demon possesses the Skeletal Support ability, which enables him to conjure skeletons to fight for him in addition to the standard light and heavy sword strikes. Furthermore, his Skeletal Resurrection resurrects all skeletons that have perished, causing them to be impacted by his aura.

When he clutches and chokes you, he uses his Infernal Invigoration talent, which survivors must be aware of. The whole team takes damage at that time. To rescue their friend escape the demon’s grip, all survivors must battle Evil Ash.

Skeleton Elite is the best unit.

The Skeleton Elite, a skelly with a Trident spear and a shield that shields them from melee assaults, is the finest unit on the Necromancer’s side. This unit also has an AoE attack called Trident Smash, and the Trident Toss talent allows them to use their spear to do ranged damage.


Eligos have a number of advantages, including the ability to move completely unnoticed thanks to their Invisibility skill. Eligos can attack survivors at any time, which can pose serious problems for survivors.

Eligos may also employ Telekinetic Surge and Psycho Squeeze, which cause any adjacent survivors to be paralyzed and damaged. Other survivors must assault Eligos to break the influence, much as they did with Evil Ash’s choke.

When it comes to ranged damage, this demon may use his Casting Stones skill to toss pebbles at survivors. Their sole disadvantage is that they cannot wear armor or carry a shield, making them more vulnerable to harm than Evil Ash.

Demi-Eligos are the best unit.

Don’t try to kill this support demon with a shotgun since he’s immune to ranged weapons. They will, however, be easily defeated by a simple sword. They can also use the Duplicate ability to clone themselves. However, since this clone has a low HP, killing them will be much simpler.


The lone female demon in Evil Dead: The Game packs a punch in her strikes and has the ability to levitate.

Henrietta’s Gas Leak ability makes it simpler to locate her than to hurt her, since she leaves a trail of noxious gas behind her. Survivors who approach her will suffer immediate damage.

Her Granny Hug choke attack is also worth avoiding, but her Belly Flop AoE is a must-avoid. At the very least, it’s obvious; she throws herself to the ground, hitting everyone in her path.

Her skills are clearly inferior to those of Evil Ash or Eligos, yet she may be a formidable opponent.

Deadite Elite is the best unit.

Henrietta’s own monster is a huge pain. When you hit him with a melee weapon, his blood splatters all over the place, obstructing the survivors’ vision.

He’s also pretty sluggish, but his axe (which he doesn’t always spawn with) can inflict a lot of damage.

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Those are the Evil Dead: The Game’s Best Demon Characters. Be sure to check out the rest of our Evil Dead: The Game tips and tricks articles on our dedicated hub page.

The “evil dead the game wiki” is a website that has information about all of the characters in the Evil Dead series. It also includes information on how to play, and what each character’s strengths are.

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