Elden Ring is a new game being released this month that’s based on the story of Icarus, and for fans of it in particular, there might be some interesting easter eggs to find. The developers have been upfront about not wanting to spoil anything with too much information before release, so here are two different methods you can use to get your hands on the comet Azur needed for unlocking an important secret at one point during gameplay.

The “elden ring comet azur” is a location in Elden Ring where players can find the Comet Azur. The location is not too difficult to find and has some good loot.

Elden Ring: Where to Find Comet Azur & Location

Comet Azur is a strong spell in Elden Ring that may be used to do burst damage to bosses before switching to melee. Comet Azur won’t get you through the bulk of the game like other of our favorite spells and incantations, but it can cause some serious damage and make you seem like a badass every time you cast it.

If you’re wondering where to locate Comet Azur in Elden Ring, this guide will show you how to get there. It takes a while to discover the item, but if you follow the method below, you’ll be tossing magical space rocks in no time.

In Elden Ring, where can you find the Comet Azur Spell?


You’ll go to great lengths to get the Comet Azur spell. Begin your journey at the Wyndham Ruins, which are located north of Dectus’ Grand Lift and west of the stairway leading to Leyndell’s Castle Outskirts. You’re in the proper position if a Tibia Mariner world boss is near Wyndham’s destroyed area.

From the ruins, go west. The Seethewater River Site of Grace is accessible by a network of platforms that descend down into the riverbed. From there, continue north for a long distance, passing through Seethwater Cave, multiple military camps, and superheated water geysers.

Until you reach a Stonesword Key door right front of you, the road around Mt. Gelmir to Comet Azur is quite straight.


Take the route to the left. You’ll eventually encounter a Magma Wyrm world boss, which you may fight or avoid. If you don’t want to deal with the giant lizard, the lava lake where it resides offers a safe way to the right of where the monster spawns, so jump on Torrent and book it.


You’ll discover demi-human foes beyond the Wyrm; once you see them, you’ll know you’re on the correct course. After passing through the Craftsman Shack on the right side of the route, you’ll come to the Hermit Village, a demi-human outpost.

Beyond it, Carian mages and demi-human mobs encircle the Demi-Human Queen Maggie boss. Maggie, like the Magma Wyrm, does not have to die in order for you to get Comet Azur. Instead, follow her to the Azur Site of Grace of the Primeval Sorcerer.


The titular sorcerer is nearby, long dead and crystallized. Approach the body and speak with it. You’ll get the Comet Azur spell once his left hand opens, which takes a few seconds.

That’s where Comet Azur may be found in Elden Ring. The next foe you encounter should most likely receive a taste of your new magical space rock. Combine Comet Azur with some of the greatest Ashes of War, or summon a Mimic Tear for practically free damage. Remember to save our Elden Ring instructions hub to your favorites since it’s just growing larger.

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