The Texans saw something in Watson that they didn’t see in the likes of Tom Savage or Brandon Weeden, and the gamble paid off. Watson had a stellar rookie season in 2017, setting an NFL rookie record with 23 touchdowns, but his first year in Houston was a nightmare. He suffered a torn ACL in training camp, and then his future in Houston appeared to be in doubt when the Texans decided to draft Deshaun Watson.

Deshaun Watson officially made his return to the NFL on Sunday, following the Houston Texans’ thrilling comeback victory over the Tennessee Titans. It was a game that should have included Watson, but, for a variety of reasons he ultimately decided to remain on the sidelines. Watson needed to heal from the broken leg he suffered in the Texans’ playoff win over the Kansas City Chiefs, and now he has done so and is ready to resume his career. He hasn’t been exactly the Texans’ MVP since he returned, but the team has won four of its last five games, including their last two, and Watson has had a lot to do with that turnaround.

The Houston Texans and Deshaun Watson agree to a one-year, $18 million contract to bring the former NFL Rookie of the Year back to the team. This contract is a gamble on Watson’s part, who after not playing a single down for the Texans last season was released by the team. Watson is now in a position where he must prove himself all over again, having not played for a year.. Read more about deshaun watson trade and let us know what you think.

Deshaun Watson has made it plain throughout the summer that he would not play another snap for the Houston Texans. Following requesting a trade after the 2020 NFL season, the 25-year-old quarterback hasn’t been seen around the team’s facilities since.

Watson, despite having no intentions to play for the Texans this season, is expected to show up on Sunday, the first day of training camp for quarterbacks.

But why?

1.4 million dollars That is the reason.

Deshaun Watson is ready to leave Houston.

Deshaun Watson wants to save $1.4 million at all costs.

Deshaun Watson wants to save $1.4 million at all costs. Before a game against the Los Angeles Rams, Houston Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson walks onto the field | Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

In Houston, Watson has finally reached his breaking point. Watson sought a trade from the Texans in January after a 4-12 season in which he was essentially the only reason the club even made it to four victories.

The Texans declined to include Watson in their search for a new head coach and general manager this summer, despite Watson’s desire in making it work. Houston appointed David Culley as head coach and Nick Caserio as general manager, although despite pledging to do so, the club did not seek Watson’s opinion prior to the appointments.

Watson’s NFL future has been called into doubt as a result of this, as well as a declining roster and dubious front-office decision-making in recent years. He wants out even though he recently inked a $156 million contract extension two years ago.

But obviously not severely enough to lose $1.4 million.

Watson will report to the Texans’ training camp in order to save $1.4 million.

Quarterbacks report to Houston today, and #Texans QB Deshaun Watson is anticipated to be among them, according to a source. He’ll show up for testing in order to begin training camp. Watson, on the other hand, has not altered his mind about the organization or his desire to be moved.

July 25, 2021 — Rapoport, Ian (@RapSheet)

Watson has maintained his distance from the Texans since seeking a trade in January. He hasn’t participated in any of Houston’s offseason programs, and he was set to miss mandatory minicamp last month until the club decided to postpone it. Watson was fortunate in that he did not have to pay the $93,085 punishment for missing the minicamp.

It’s a different thing if you miss training camp. If Watson chooses to extend his strike into training camp, he will be fined $50,000 for each day he does not show up. With a total of 28 days in the training camp program, the penalties would be $1.4 million.

Watson would prefer not pay that sort of money to make a statement, even if he is still unhappy with the team. According to Ian Rapoport of NFL Network, Watson is scheduled to attend the opening day of training camp on Sunday.

Quarterbacks report to Houston today, and #Texans QB Deshaun Watson is anticipated to be among them, according to a source. He’ll show up for testing in order to begin training camp. Watson, on the other hand, has not altered his mind about the organization or his desire to be moved.

Ian Rapoport

Deshaun, save your money.

What does Watson’s future in the NFL look like?

Watson’s NFL future is uncertain for a variety of reasons, but one thing is certain: he does not want to be a member of the Texans in the future.

The only issue? Houston is not interested in parting with its franchise quarterback. Oh, and the 22 women who have recently accused Watson of sexual assault aren’t going away, either. Before even considering returning to the field, the quarterback will have to work through his complex legal problems.

The 22 women won’t start depositions until September, so Watson, the Texans, and any other club interested in trading for the unhappy star are still waiting. In a perfect scenario, Houston would be able to find a trade partner ready to take a chance on Watson this summer, despite his legal issues.

However, for the next several weeks, the two teams will be compelled to work together in training camp.

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Deshaun Watson’s decision to come back to Houston did nothing but disappoint everyone who had hoped he might be the Texans’ eventual savior. After all, when you’ve won a Heisman Trophy, a national championship and a national record-tying four-year starting QB record, returning to a team is a lot less fun than you might imagine.. Read more about deshaun watson team and let us know what you think.

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