The Deathloop Delivery Booth code guide is a must-have for any fan looking to get their hands on the latest merchandise. If you’re not sure where to find your favorite team’s booth, we’ve got you covered with all of the locations and hours of operation.

The deathloop release date is the release date of the game.

You may have noticed that each location in Deathloop has a delivery booth concealed inside it if you’ve been exploring Blackreef. You’ve undoubtedly heard Gideon Fry mention them as well. You will, however, need a code to get entry to any of their places. 

We’ve listed the locations of the four Gideon Fry delivery booths in the game, as well as how to obtain the code to open them, below. You’re on your way to Fristad Rock is a band from Fristad, Denmark.’s bunker, which you may only enter at midday while Fia is there.

Where to Look for Fia’s Bunker

A map of Karl's Bay showing the location of Fia's bunker.

Begin by entering the level and exiting via the right door. In the first area, kill the four Eternalists (or sneak past them using the Aether slab). Pass the vehicle, van, and mannequins on your way directly through the area.

When you reach the “Fristad Rock” sign and the bridge below, climb up the rocks on the right side and continue the route right (mind the Eternalist by the van on the bridge). 

The player character holding a nail gun, looking toward a bridge with yellow smoke and a pathway into the rock cliff to the right.

On the right side, you’ll notice a tunnel in the rock; walk through it. A bar and two Eternalists (one of whom is one of the largely nude individuals you must murder for the Deathday Suit trophy/achievement) will be seen below. Either kill them or slip by them. 

Maintain a right-hand path (unless you have Shift, which you can use to get past the deep water on the left side). Climb on the rocks behind the Colt-themed TVs and “Kill” them. Drop down on the right side to avoid the deep water on the left. Continue straight until you reach the truck, when you will turn left.

When you get to the “LOOP” letters placed on the rock wall in front of you, turn right. Continue ahead, and on the right, you’ll see the shore and a bunker. It’s defended by a turret and a handful of Eternalists (one is even in the booth!). 

Location of the Deathloop Delivery Booth

The player character looking at the entrance to Fia's bunker inside a cliff, with an arrow pointing to the code room.

Enter the bunker and take a right at the middle crate stack. The code is written on a whiteboard in a room containing a Delivery Booth. If you need a closer look, you may smash the right glass and enter the room, but be aware of the proximity mine immediately in front of the booth. 

This code, like other Deathloop codes, is exclusive to your game. Mine (7756), on the other hand, is totally different from yours. The Delivery Booth in the bunker room is also broken, so you can’t use it right now; but, once you do, the code will be accessible on every booth you encounter. 

Orders are free, but once you place one, that kiosk locks for the level you’re on, regardless of where you send the item. In practice, you can only use it once each day. You’ll need to leave, advance the time of day, and go to that location and kiosk to pick up the item you delivered. 

Locations of Delivery Booths in Blackreef

The Complicated

A map of The complex, showing the location of a delivery booth.

This one is at the map’s northeast corner. It’s behind the crane in the construction zone. You’ll start west of it in the morning and afternoon; leave the tunnels and turn left via the bunker. You’ll leave the tunnels into the construction zone proper around midday and evening, and it’ll be on the right in front of you. 


A map of Updaam, pinpointing the location of a delivery booth.

Updaam Square is home to this Delivery Booth. Return to the Library and do a U-turn. It’s the building with the “Enjoy Amortality” sign on the left side. Another landmark is the orange phone booths near the gate, which are to the right. It can be reached from the same way at all hours of the day.

Fristad Rock

A map of Firstad Rock showing the location of a Gideon Fry kiosk.

This one is to the right of the vehicle, in the first section. It’s connected to the right side of the building, in front of the brilliantly lighted sign, with the “Expand Your Mind” sign on top of it. 

You should always begin at this location, which is open in the morning, noon, and afternoon. In the evenings, Fristad Rock is closed. 

Karl’s Bay is a bay in Karl’s Bay.

A map of Karl's Bay showing where a delivery stall can be found.

This one may be located just in front of the Perception Gardens. It’s across from the Karl’s Bay map kiosk, to the right of the entrance. It is accessible in the morning, midday, and nighttime, all from the same direction. At 12 p.m., Karl’s Bay is closed. 

That’s all there is to know about finding the delivery booth code in Deathloop, as well as where each kiosk in Blackreef is located. Consider visiting our Deathloop guidelines page for additional information.

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