Cade Cunningham was a 5th round pick by the Sacramento Kings in the 2015 NBA Draft. He was a dynamo at the college level, posting averages of 21 points, 5 rebounds and 2.5 assists per game during his three-year career at Northwestern. Even though his on-court talent is undeniable, he still has much to learn in the NBA.

At the moment, Cade Cunningham is getting ready to play in his first NBA game. Despite this, he understands things are going to be different for him as soon as he steps on to the floor. “I’m going to treat it like my high school senior year,” Cunningham told the Sun Sentinel. “There’s going to be a national anthem, and I’ll probably be playing on the court, so I’ve got to be ready for that. When I get on the court, I’ve got to be ready to play basketball.”

Cade Cunningham has been playing professional basketball for less than two months, and he already has one of the most anticipated NBA debuts. Cunningham, a second-round pick of the Memphis Grizzlies in the 2017 draft, was traded to the Sacramento Kings on January 18th. The moment he steps onto the court to start his career, fans will be on the edge of their seats.. Read more about evan mobley and let us know what you think.

Cade Cunningham will not play in the NBA until the fall, but many people anticipate him to be a great player. If his collegiate performance is any indication of what he can accomplish in the NBA, the top 2021 NBA Draft prospect has a potential to be one of the league’s greatest players. Cunningham will learn what it takes to be a pro before becoming a superstar, and he already knows what his “welcome to the NBA” moment will be: playing against LeBron James.

Cade Cunningham is a prominent NBA Draft prospect for 2021.

Top 2021 NBA Draft prospect Cade Cunningham during his Oklahoma State career.

Top 2021 NBA Draft prospect Cade Cunningham during his Oklahoma State career. On March 21, 2021, Oklahoma State Cowboys’ Cade Cunningham plays in a second-round game in the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament. | Getty Images/Andy Lyons

Cunningham was the top-rated recruit in 2020, so he had a lot of buzz even before he started college.

In his lone college season at Oklahoma State, he lived up to all the hype, earning unanimous All-American honors. He was also named Big 12 Player of the Year.

Cunningham is a one-man show on the court. Oklahoma State’s 6-foot-8-inch guard averaged 20.1 points, 6.2 rebounds, and 3.5 assists per game. He also had a 40 percent 3-point shooting percentage and 1.6 steals on defense.

His performance has easily elevated him to the top prospect in the 2021 NBA Draft, with many predicting that he will be selected first overall by the Detroit Pistons.

It will be his ‘welcome to the NBA’ moment when he takes against LeBron James. C9kNM0

In 2003, LeBron James was in Cunningham’s shoes. That year, he was selected first overall by the Cleveland Cavaliers and has gone on to become one of the greatest players in NBA history. He’s a four-time NBA MVP, four-time champion, and four-time MVP of the NBA Finals.

Cunningham’s “welcome to the NBA” moment will be playing against James, who has been in the league for the most of his life.

On July 28, Cunningham told ESPN, “He has a Space Jam movie now, so I mean that’s Space Jam.” “I’ve been watching LeBron since I was a kid, and he’s always been an inspiration to me. I think he’s gone to the finals every year since I can recall. Being on the court with him will undoubtedly be memorable. “It will certainly be a nice scale to assess where I stand.”

For any young athlete, playing against one of the all-time greats must be strange. Fortunately for Cunningham, he’ll only have to face James a few times a year since he’ll almost certainly play for the Pistons.

Cade Cunningham is a die-hard Detroit Pistons fan.

Despite the possibility that the Pistons may pass on Cunningham in the 2021 NBA Draft or trade their selection to another club, it seems like the guard is set on joining the organization. They were the only club with whom he practiced before to the draft.

Cunningham, who hails from Texas and played high school football in Florida, told ESPN, “I liked Detroit.” “The amenities were state-of-the-art. The individuals in the company were all very kind, and I believe they have a lot going for them in the future, so it’s certainly a wonderful organization, and if they hire me, I’ll be glad to be there.”

During his meeting with the Pistons, Cunningham also went to a Detroit Tigers game.

“Detroit was a wonderful city, and the people there showed me affection, so my trip was simply a nice vacation in general,” he added.

Cunningham has the potential to be the next great thing in the NBA. If he joins the Pistons, he has the potential to turn them around from chronic losers to league powerhouses, similar to what LeBron James accomplished with the Cleveland Cavaliers.

It will be entertaining to follow his trip.

Sports Reference provided the statistics.

Cade Cunningham, who is 13 years old, is best friends with Jerry Jones’ grandson and has impressed former Dallas Cowboys players: ‘Who the Hell Is This Guy?’

In a career that has been defined by highs and lows, few NBA rookies have been as high as Cade Cunningham. The Georgia Tech sharpshooter is on his way to an NBA career that has yet to begin, but a steady career in the D-League could be in his future. In fact, I would not be surprised if Cunningham found himself on an NBA roster this year, but he has played in only one NBA game, a preseason game against the Toronto Raptors on October 8, 2014.. Read more about nba draft 2021 and let us know what you think.

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