DeChambeau said he would head to the Bahamas next week, but that was before he won his first tournament since joining LIV. It’s unclear whether or not this is a short-term thing and if it even counts as playing golf on honeymoon.

Golfers like Dustin Johnson and Patrick Reed left the PGA Tour to join the fledgling LIV Golf series, but Bryson DeChambeau decided to remain a member.

It probably won’t matter. The 2020 U.S. Open winner allegedly received a lot of cash from Greg Norman, thereby trapping DeChambeau into LIV Golf for the duration that LIV Golf will exist. Secondly, even if the start-up tour fails spectacularly, DeChambeau will continue to be persona non grata to the PGA for a very long time.

DeChambeau’s switch to LIV is now one of LIV’s biggest victories, therefore the honeymoon period is still in effect.

Bryson DeChambeau is taking advantage of a benefit that the PGA Tour wouldn’t provide.

On June 30, 2022, in North Plains, Oregon, Bryson DeChambeau hits his second shot on the second hole during the LIV Golf Invitational. | Jonathan Ferrey/LIV Golf via Getty Images On June 30, 2022, in North Plains, Oregon, Bryson DeChambeau hits his second shot on the second hole during the LIV Golf Invitational. | Jonathan Ferrey/LIV Golf via Getty Images

LIV Golf has played in one complete tournament and is playing in its second this weekend in North Plains, Oregon. The fact that organizers are winging it in numerous areas is to be expected for a start-up. media agreements are included in this. As a result of the lack of a network deal, LIV Golf broadcasts coverage online.

LIV Golf has to invest in TV coverage and the associated revenue, but the money from the tour’s Saudi backers more than makes up for any short-term losses in that area. The competition for the PGA Tour will do anything it can to generate interest in the meantime.

To that purpose, LIV Golf does not impose on golfers the limitations that previous PGA Tour players did. In particular, the PGA Tour gives its media partners almost exclusive access to audio and video from event venues. The photographers who cover events for TV viewers often work for wire services, periodicals, and local media, and obtaining a credential means consenting to limitations on how the photos are used.

No such limitations are being enforced by LIV Golf. One of the most marketing-savvy professional golfers, Bryson DeChambeau, is taking advantage.

There is a media entourage following Bryson DeChambeau.

Bryson has the full content squad out with him on the course. This was one of the reasons he wanted to go—PGA Tour wouldn’t let him shoot all this stuff inside the ropes.

— Dan Rapaport (@Daniel_Rapaport) June 29, 2022

On Wednesday, Golf Digest writer Dan Rapaport tweeted a picture taken at the Oregon location of the LIV Golf competition. Bryson DeChambeau was there with a large group of his own media content creators gathering material for him to distribute on social media or utilize for other types of advertising.

Organisers of LIV Golf have no issues with it. They may even push their players to do so given the series behind the PGA Tour in terms of exposure due to the absence of a network TV arrangement with DeChambeau.

LIV Golf will appear on network TV or a more reputable streaming service, whether it occurs this year or the year after (with the latter being more probable). But doing so will demand a compromise. The tour will have to accommodate its new donor in return for the rights price. That will probably need media restrictions similar to what the PGA Tour applies.

DeChambeau may then be instructed to leave the exclusive media group back at the hotel. At that time, we could find out how committed he is to the renegade tour.

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