Browns DE Myles Garrett had a hilarious response to the NFL’s random drug test after he ditched the sleeves for yet another game.

The myles garrett stats is a response from Browns DE Myles Garrett to the random drug test he received after ditching the sleeves once again.

On Thursday Night Football, the Cleveland Browns and Denver Broncos will face off. After a spate of injuries to all positions, this Browns squad will look quite different. In what will suddenly be a difficult game for Cleveland, Baker Mayfield, Nick Chubb, and Kareem Hunt will all be sidelined. Myles Garrett, a defensive standout, is one player who will be on the field.

Garrett, on the other hand, isn’t happy and went to Twitter to express his dissatisfaction after getting drug tested again at random.

Myles Garrett is back in a sleeveless shirt.

This week, the Browns defensive standout and one of the league’s most feared pass rushers was drug tested for the second time. Garrett, for his part, went to Twitter to express his feelings about the situation.

The so-called “random” drug tests don’t seem to be particularly random, at least not to Garrett. He has been drug tested each times he has gone sleeveless. Garrett’s outlandish physique may be a factor in the NFL’s skepticism.

In any case, this is the second time the Browns star has been drug tested in the last three weeks, raising the issue of how random it is.

As a result, Garrett has chosen to ditch the Sleeveless Myles look in favor of sleeves in order to dodge yet another ‘random’ drug test.

Garrett leads the NFL in sacks and leads Cleveland’s defense.

The Browns’ defense isn’t what everyone expected it to be. Furthermore, their team was scorched by the Los Angeles Chargers, giving up 47 points in a heartbreaking defeat as Justin Herbert repeatedly sliced them up.

Garrett, on the other side, is enjoying another fantastic season. Through six games, he has eight sacks and is a big reason why Cleveland’s defense is third in the NFL with 18 sacks. Garrett leads the NFL in sacks, one ahead of TJ Watt of the Pittsburgh Steelers.

The Browns’ passing defense, on the other hand, has been a problem. They handed up 37 points to the Arizona Cardinals, who were unbeaten at the time, as Kyler Murray went to town and did his magic.

Garrett also amusingly erected an NFL quarterback cemetery in his front yard, which Murray made sure to inquire about after the game.

After the game, the two had a good time, and Murray came out on top. But none of this changes the reality that Garrett is enjoying an outstanding season.

Against the Broncos, the Browns have their work cut out for them.

Browns DE Myles Garrett.

Browns DE Myles Garrett. Cleveland Browns’ Myles Garrett | Nick Cammett/Getty Images

The Browns would be favored over the Broncos on a normal week. This is not, however, a normal week. Both running backs and their main quarterback are injured. Their wide receivers had a lot of injuries. Their starting tackles may also be unavailable.

This does not bode well for the Browns, and Garrett and the defense will have to step up even more if they are to avoid finishing the season below.500.

Will Myles Garrett, who is sleeveless, make an appearance?

Probably not, but at this pace, Garrett should be able to get to the quarterback and cause at least some disruption to the Broncos’ offense.

Pro Football Reference provided the statistics.

‘I don’t know who the tackle is, but I’m going to kill him,’ says Broncos star Von Miller in a chilling warning to Baker Mayfield and the Browns.

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